True Colors: in Depth

med_keyhole-true-colorsTrue Colors contains cards 61-80 of Netrunner’s Spin Cycle. One could argue that it’s THE BEST data pack for the game since its release. As usual there’s something for every faction – but no one could say they got completely screwed over. (Although an argument could be made for Shaper.)

Glen starts this pack, with all opinions rated from 1-3:

1 – cards we won’t be using anytime soon
2 – cards that seem to have decent utility
3 – cards that show promise or excel at their job

The kind of card you can build a deck around. – Glen: 3/3

A first turn Keyhole is so frustrating to play against – it really is a thematic card for Anarch. Be sure to leave a click in the same turn to collect any agendas though, because a Jackson Howard in the corp’s next turn can undo all your hard work. And if trashing cards wasn’t good enough – you’re not technically accessing anything, so R&D traps have no power and won’t damage you. – Dave: 3/3

Digs through R&D for Agendas, and denies the corp important cards if you miss them. Gives the corp even more reasons to ice archives. Doesn’t have quite the lock down that other R&D tools have but an all around solid card that will see play as a three of in many Anarch decks and some play out of faction even at its 3 influence cost. – William: 3/3

ffg_activist-support-true-colorsActivist Support
So I take a tag and then the corp trashes this resource before any bad pub? Cool – not. – Glen: 1/3

Too tricky to use right now. If you have New Angeles City Hall in play, you could avoid tags while dishing out the bad pub, and then Aesop it for extra cash. But that’s a lot of setup for the deck slot. – Dave: 1/3

At best it only gives one Bad Publicity, and many times will be trashed before doing anything. Could be played when the Corp is trying to score an Agenda to force them to make the decision. Some Resource heavy decks might play it, such as those that run Data Leak Reversal. Course for the future when there’s more runner cards that deal with Bad Publicity. – William: 1/3

med_lawyer-up-true-colorsLawyer Up
The perfect follow up to Account Siphon. I’d give this card a 3 if anyone was still using Account Siphon. Oh wait, I did! – Glen: 3/3

This card has fantastic utility in any runner deck. It’s less influence than Diesel, costs less than 4 creds to remove 2 tags, and in 1 double action accomplishes all of the above. Yes please. – Dave: 2/3

Obvious Account Siphon follow up and relatively cost effective way of removing tags and digging for cards. – William: 2/3

If the corp is ready to kill me next turn, he takes the bad pub and doesn’t care. Might be useful if the last sentence were omitted. – Glen: 1/3

If anyone other than Jinteki takes 2 bad pub, then you’re probably going to be smelling your own burning flesh soon. Allows you to be reckless with Jinteki and HB traps on the following actions though. How about running that 2 advanced Junebug? Trash it! Fetal AIs in R&D? Go get ’em! But – you do have to run HQ successfully first. A nice “one-of” to have. – Dave: 1/3

Conditional when you can play it, along with giving the corp the decision to prevent, makes it unplayable. Might be alright against Jinteki. – William: 1/3

A very efficient killer, but uses 2 memory. I will test this out extensively and it has potential to get upgraded to a 3 after testing. – Glen: 2/3

Criminals get another decent card in this pack. If you have the money, and Crims do, you should have a copy of this in your deck. It gives Crims an end game breaker once all your Faeries are gone, and your Femme is already dedicated to priority ICE. Let’s face it, when I can Power Shutdown your Faerie without trashing any cards, you’re gonna need some help sooner or later. It’s got the same stats as Corroder – it just costs more – so quit whining Criminal scum! – Dave: 2/3

A solid cost efficient Sentry breaker. Its slightly high cost and 2 memory will keep it out of some decks, but will see play in some rig building decks that have extra memory. Most Criminal decks will stick to the existing selection of breakers though. – William: 2/3

med_llds-processor-true-colorsLLDS Processor
No room in deck for this one. Won’t get used often enough to payback. – Glen: 1/3

Used in multiples, this card can get you a great, short term, efficiency boost. Pairs well with AI breaker installs like Crypsis or Darwin, and plays well with The Helpful AI for a super boost. With a Knight installation, there won’t be anything you can’t break with enough money. Then, Aesop them for cash. – Dave: 2/3

Very situational and resource intensive to get effective use out of. Really needs multiples to be effective which Replicator can help tutor for, but unless Ice Breakers are being cycled, such as with Exile, or for the small boost when tutoring a breaker mid run with Self-modifying Code, it’s a lot of work for not much payoff currently.  – William: 1/3

Efficient, but program destruction, isn’t what it used to be especially in Shaper. And you have to destroy this program to use it. Might see it splashed more than used in faction, especially with only 1 influence cost. – Glen: 1/3

Destroyer ICE are Sentry ICE that trash programs in their subroutines – and sometimes more. Right now they’re: Ichi 1 & 2, Rototurret, Swordsman, Archer, Burke Bugs, Swarm and Grim. Five of those 8 ICE are Str.4 or higher, and one of them is Archer. Totally worth having this to Clone Chip or SMC to keep you from losing momentum. But how many copies? One is probably ok, in the same way one Deus Ex is ok. – Dave: 2/3

Allows for Shaper to run aggressively and apply pressure to the Corp while still being able to build a rig. Auto include in any Shaper deck. – William: 3/3

Too expensive to play. I like keeping dupes in my hand as fodder for damage. – Glen: 1/3

Too esoteric to use. Bah! – Dave: 1/3

I like how The Professor features in the art… – William: 1/3

med_starlight-crusade-funding-true-colorsStarlight Crusade Funding
It would take a lot to get my to lose a click every turn with no way to remove the card. This doesn’t even come close. There must be some double events coming with even higher additional costs… – Glen: 1/3

When you let an 8 year old, Uno playing, catholic school girl design a card, you get this. Straight to THE BINDER OF SHAME! – Dave: 0/3

Maybe one day when you can make a deck half full of double events. – William: 0/3

med_rex-campaign-true-colorsRex Campaign
A solid asset that can stand on it’s own server unless against Whizzard. Might score a 3/3 if any other faction, but HB has better choices. – Glen: 2/3

I agree with Glen, HB has better asset choices – but not with a dual function. When bad pub is more of a thing, this card will see more use. It’s a solid ok. – Dave: 2/3

Far too slow and has to be rez’d to be of use. Other factions might have liked it, but HB certainly doesn’t. The option to choose between money and removing bad publicity is nice. – William: 1/3

A strength 2 sentry with only 2 subroutines that costs 4 plus a bad pub to rez. For most killers, this will cost 2 credits to break, and you’re handing 1 of those to the runner when you rez this card. No thank you. – Glen: 1/3

First turn brain damage? Yes please. You might even get in two. Great in trap and killing decks, especially for Weyland and Jinteki. Fenris (from Norse mythology) was the giant wolf offspring of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Who knew? – Dave: 2/3

Nice early ice to surprise the runner with, (especially with HB), the runner now has to consider the risk of face checking a Fenris and not being able to click through. Would be really nice in Jinteki, but runners don’t run blind as often due to Neural Katana. – William: 2/3

med_panic-button-true-colorsPanic Button
A good counter against Account Siphon. – Glen:2/3

Let me get this straight – during the runner’s run on HQ, I can draw as many cards as I want, as long as I have the money? This is better than Jackson Howard for card draw, and may just let me complete my Scorched or Punitive Counterstrike combo. This card begs to be played with the HB Cerebral Imaging ID (Your hand size is equal to the number of credits in your credit pool.) I can accumulate all the cards I need to finish out my game. Love it. – Dave: 3/3

Decent Account Siphon protection and ability to draw as many cards as you are able to pay for, can’t be undervalued. Tough to fit in though.  – William: 2/3

A great card to keep in HQ as it does damage and has a trash cost >0. Also makes Archive runs a bit tougher. Going to work with the Chronos Protocol. Reasonable influence cost too. – Glen: 3/3

Whaaaaaat? No more Archive runs for free tokens without taking damage? Fantastic in a row of horizontal only Jinteki servers, mixed in with a few agendas. Then the runner pays 2 to trash ’em – and they’re still useful in Archives! Whaaaaaat? Love it. – Dave: 3/3

Even more things you have to worry about when running against Jinteki and even works in Archives. On top of it all,  having a trash cost makes it even more important that you have those few extra credits laying around. – William: 3/3

At first, I didn’t like this one too much. But then I realized that the runner has to decide before the corp on the unusual first subroutine. If the runner wants by this unscathed, he must break 4 subroutines. A little expensive to rez to be a 3. – Glen: 2/3

Tsurugi is Japanese for “sword”. I like this ICE for 2 big reasons:
1 – It’s a sentry with 4 serious subroutines that will tax the runner big time as long as it remains in play.
2 – 3 net damage is a magic number for Jinteki. Three plus Fetal AI = 5 trashed cards, and that’s “disconcerting” for any runner.
Next turn I will Power Shutdown/Accelerated Diagnostic your ass for 3 Neural EMPs. – Dave: 2/3

High cost and low strength makes it really weak against Parasite, but being a sentry with 4 subroutines that gives the corp options has its uses. – William: 2/3

Again, not crazy about 3 for 1s, but this is great in HQ, R&D and Archives. Allows you to use as a trap and only give up 1 agenda point to use Midseason Replacements. – Glen: 2/3

If you don’t know already, it’s “Too Good to be True”. A solid “meh” in NBN’s agenda choices. – Dave: 2/3

Agendas that punish the runner on access are always nice especially on a one pointer, and in a faction with Red Herrings. Always like having more options for 3 costs agendas in NBN. – William: 2/3

med_sweeps-week-true-colorsSweeps Week
What’s not to like? Runner is usually going to have a full hand vs. taggy NBN decks. Super way to start the game vs. Andromeda. Maybe some day there will be a way to get runner to draw cards on the corp turn and this will become even better. – Glen: 3/3

Awesome economy card. Will typically net you 4 creds, but only costs 1 to play – unlike Hedge Fund – which is a big deal when you’re down in credits. Hell, even Restructure nets you 5 creds – but it costs 10 to play! And then there’s the whole Andromeda thing. Love it! – Dave: 3/3

Its nice to finally see more economy cards in NBN. Most of the time this is going will net you 4 credits which is just as much as a Hedge Fund but with only a cost of 1. Against Andromeda it’s even better, though not game breaking by any means. – William: 3/3

First of all, code gates have to be at least strength 4 to be useful these days. This is a neat effect that helps protect assets and upgrades, as well as ice inside of RSVP. I especially like the way it works with Red Herrings to protect agendas, including TGTBT. Great target for Corporate Troubleshooter in my decks. – Glen: 2/3

What Glen said. This is also a dangerous piece of ICE in front of practically anything else, and will really make the runner think before continuing. Use 3 copies to get one in your opening hand, and keep your Fetal AI safe. Or put in front of any ICE that has a tracing subroutine, like Muckraker, or Flare – you get the idea. Let’s face it, decoders are not the runner’s first choice of breaker to get out, so this, plus say, even a Popup Window, will keep the runner out ’til that decoder is installed. And almost all decoders are pricey. – Dave: 2/3

Enough said. 🙂 – William: 2/3

med_curtain-wall-true-colorsCurtain Wall
Very expensive to rez. Using it to the fullest means setting it up for Inside Job. Only good part of this card is the flavour text. – Glen:1/3

This card is meant to be rezzed with Oversight AI or Priority Requisition. Leave it unrezzed as the only card on an empty server ’til you score one of the above 2 cards, then install your Melange, and it will more than make its money back. Only Wotan is its strength equal, so don’t write it off. – Dave: 2/3

Too expensive, but in a faction with Oversight AI, it has its use. Hadrian’s Wall will still be my go to high strength Weyland barrier when I’m actually paying for ice. – William: 2/3

med_punitive-counterstrike-true-colorsPunitive Counterstrike
Pretty expensive for what it does, and only in response to losing an agenda. Won’t give it a 1 as it can end the game if you have more than 1 or in combo with Scorched Earth. – Glen: 2/3

In a Weyland Punishment deck, this card opens up a whole new avenue of death. With 2 of these in hand, (or access to 2), you can deliberately leave agendas out in the open, or in archives, to be scored – which I’ve done many times. Then play them for the relatively cheap cost of 3 creds each, and with trace 5, they’re tough to beat. Winner winner, chicken dinner. You’re DEAD! No tagging! Throw it in with HB and your Accelerated Diagnostic shenanigans, and pay 1/2 the influence of Scorched Earth. A game changing card – I’m sorry but it just is. – Dave: 3/3

More options for Weyland to burn through Plascrete Carapace and those decks that run 3 pointers such as Government Contracts. Might be decent as a finisher in Jinteki. – William: 2/3

med_veterans-program-true-colorsVeterans Program
As I’ve said before, I don’t like 3 for 1 agendas. Obviously, this has a place in some decks like combining with Profiteering or Geothermal Fracking, but that just means adding more 3 for 1 or 4 for 2 agendas, not the premier kind. – Glen: 1/3

Ever notice how there aren’t any 3 for 2 neutral agendas? In a heavy bad pub deck, this has a place. You might also want to use it in a corp deck that has no intention of winning with 7 points. Otherwise – bah. – Dave: 1/3

Amazing how many options there are now for 3 for 1 agendas in just a few packs. Some decks might want this agenda, but most don’t. – William: 1/3

9 thoughts on “True Colors: in Depth

  1. I agree with pretty much every comment except the one for Fenris. It’s a fantastic ice to get out early game on an eager/nosy Runner and landing those subs is amazing. Sure, cost:rez strength ratio isn’t fantastic (bad pub notwithstanding) but imo it’s worth the card slot, and the splash isn’t too outrageous at 2 influence. 2/3 for me.

    Keep up the great work! Really well written and a really enjoyable read. I especially like your use of a 1-3 scale.

    • Agree with you there! Fenris is nasty for face checking. I run 2 in my HB deck.

      Also I think Veteran’s Program is pretty great in Weyland. Other than that I’m 100% with you. Great article!

      • I guess my biggest problem with Fenris is that while it is useful early, it also provides a good Emergency Shutdown target early in the game when it’s much easier to run HQ. But it would be good to get the runner down a card in hand early in the game. I need to test this out to determine cost/benefit.
        Thanks to both of you for your input.

  2. Is keyhole a good card to build a runner against a Jinteki with? As a beginner, I am struggling with the whole Jinteki/scorched earth thing right now and need help! Thanks.

    • Ken,
      Welcome to Netrunner. I hope you are enjoying the game so far.
      I think Keyhole is a great card vs. Jinteki. I would say the #1 ambush in the whole game is and always has been Snare! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jinteki deck that did not have 3 Snares in it, plus it is often splashed into other factions. Keyhole gives you a great way to move Snare! into archives where it cannot hurt the runner, and you take no damage doing this. This will also help with the new ambush Shock! In this case, I would leave Shock! in R&D if you plan to run Archives at some point, which you usually will do if you’re playing Keyhole.
      The only problem with this strategy is that you will often have a difficult choice of which card to move to archives. You want the agenda there, but moving a trap over can save you trouble in the future. This however is a good problem to have.

    • The best way to defend vs. Scorched Earth is usually Plascrete Carapace. Almost all competitive runner decks will run at least 2 of these. Yes, they are a waste vs. HB and Jinteki usually, but they save your arse often against Weyland and NBN, probably the 2 most played corporate factions today.
      There are other ways, like building link to avoid being tagged, but the corp often has sneaky ways to get a tag in, so I still think Plascrete is the best answer to a tough questions.

      • Another good tip on how to use Plascrete is to not necessarily remove all the tokens in response to just one Punitive or Scorched. Because sometimes it’s ok to loose a card or two to prevent a flatline through a follow up shot like EMP. Just a thought.

        And welcome to the game Ken!

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