Two Store Championships in a Weekend

All three of us went to store championships in Southern Ontario this weekend:
1 – 401 Games in downtown Toronto
2 – Nexus Games in downtown Kingston

Attendance was good at both events – 56 in Toronto, and 14 in Kingston. In Toronto, Sungho Lee won in the final match against Dien Tran, while in Kingston, Dien Tran took first after 4 rounds of Swiss play, with Kaiwen Zhang coming in second. Unfortunately we never made top 4 in either event, but Will did make top 8 in Toronto.

Many thanks to 401 Games and Nexus Games for well run tournaments. Below are some photos from the events at 401 Games. Game videos are up on our YouTube Channel.
Game 1  –  Game2





19 Agenda7 Podcast – Fear & Loathing and Strategies

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Episode 19 of Agenda7 is now online: with more announcements from FFG, a top 5/4 discussion of Fear and Loathing (cards 81-100 of the Spin Cycle), and two strategy discussions: scoring 5/3 agendas; and coping with Account Siphon.

Podcast 19 includes:
1 – News from FFG
2 – Top 5/4 Fear and Loathing cards
3 – Spin Cycle observations
4 – Strategy: Scoring 5/3 agendas
5 – Strategy: Coping with Account Siphon
6 – Contact & acknowledgements

This is our contribution to the Netrunner gaming community – we hope you get something useful out of it.

Direct download for episode 19 is: