Double Time: In Depth


Meta dependant card, if remotes with a number of upgrades and ambushes get played it might see play but costing 4 credits and two actions will probably prevent it. – William: 1/3

At first I thought this was the answer to Caprice Nisei, but no. Great combo with Noise and Keyhole, but hard to pull off. Certainly helps with traps and other upgrades. Expensive though. – Glen: 2/3

Singularity single-handedly undermines my current favourite strategy in Netrunner – upgrading remotes for the win. But the cost is high – 2 actions and 4 creds – for something that may or may not include an agenda. This kind of card deserves some play, but at 3 influence, it’s a one-of outside of Anarch, and even then I wouldn’t hold onto it – I’d use Same Old Thing to play it from archives when necessary. – Dave: 1/3


queens-gambitQueen’s Gambit
Very interesting high risk/reward card. Any economy card that requires 0 credits to use for an immediate effect should be considered. Knowing the meta will go a long way to determining how playable this card will be. Currently the game feels too fast and against NBN (Astroscript) its almost unplayable. – William: 1/3

Really risky unless you have already exposed the card. My Trick of Light thanks you. – Glen: 1/3

A decent money card for Anarchs, or anybody with a hankering for some burst economy, Queen’s Gambit can bring the runner back from a Closed Accounts or lowly bank sum in just 2 clicks. Even Armitage Codebusting can’t do that. Unfortunately, it could be problematic to play – not everyone builds remote servers. But I bet its design intent was to be played with Singularity. No need to access that card – just trash it! – Dave: 2/3


dyson-fractal-generatorDyson Fractal Generator
Maybe once we get a stealth barrier breaker. – William: 2/3

I assume this will be more useful in the future when a stealth Fracter is released. – Glen: 2/3

This Dyson isn’t a neutral, costs way less and does way less. There’s something coming down the pike to vie for your attention besides Corroder; and if Dagger for Shaper is any indication, it’s gonna take on the big barriers that are slowly appearing. But for now, meh. Passive economy is handled just as well with Underworld Contact and Compromised Employee which you can spend on anything you want. Very cool artwork Gong Studios. – Dave: 1/3


It’ll do some work alongside Dagger and will see play in criminal decks to protect their Corrodor and Data Suckers from Power Shutdown. – William: 2/3

A little better than Dyson Fractal Generator as Dagger is already released. Unfortunately, this is a lot of splash to move into a Shaper deck. Moving dagger into Criminal is less costly, but also less needed. Criminal already has great killers. – Glen: 2/3

Love this card because it’s just what Shaper needs. Each runner faction has a tough time with a certain breaker, and for Shaper that’s sentries. I would happily splash Silencer to fuel my Dagger killer. And it’s hardware – MU upgrades to run Cloak were just not worth it and made the program almost unplayable. Full Shaper rigs just got better. – Dave: 3/3


Saves clicks and giving up information in exchange for a couple credits and the memory slot. Would be very useful in Anarch with all their Virus and Caissa programs but the influence will limit that.- William: 1/3

I’m sure many people with give this a 3, and I can be convinced, but I’m not yet. Not nearly as good as Self-Modifying Code as the program has to come from your grip. – Glen: 2/3

French for savoury fairy. (Know how, and French is easy to translate.) I like it for it’s quick install ability – once it’s on the table, you can install once during your turn and the corp’s turn, saving you precious actions. Finally, a click four Special Order makes sense. Overwrite it guilt-free once the game enters phase 2. Great utility with cheapass setup programs like Datasucker, Self-Modifying Code, Parasite and the Caissas. I wouldn’t use more than one outside of Criminal – but hey, aren’t we all going to be playing Criminal in a couple of months? – Dave: 2/3


fall-guyFall Guy
Saves your important resources such as Kati Jones from getting trashed and its never a dead card with being able to be trashed for two credits at almost any time. – William: 2/3

This card would get a 3 with just the first ability. I think people are overlooking the value of the second. So many uses for 2 credits mid run like breaking surprise subroutines, stealing agendas like NAPD Contract, Fetal AI or those protected by Red Herrings, or trashing something really important. Can also be used on the corp’s turn is he is trying to SEA source or Midseason Replacements you. AND it’s a connection! – Glen: 3/3

What’s not to like? There’s only 40 other freakin’ Resource cards available to protect. But if the corp wants a specific one, he’s likely going to get it leaving enough actions to trash Fall Guy and Kati Jones – but he’ll have to plan now. Trash it for 2 creds when you need some emergency cash (NAPD Contract). – Dave: 2/3


power-napPower Nap
If Starlight Crusade Funding becomes a deck this will most likely be in it along side Lucky Find. – William: 1/3

Not enough good Double Events yet, especially in Shaper. Could become powerful in the future. – Glen: 1/3

Shaper has the least number of double events, (there are 13 overall) so Power Nap doesn’t make much sense right now; and I’m not going to use influence on this card. – Dave: 1/3


Solid Shaper card that will see play in many decks, Shaper will be able to get more early and mid game runs even without a full breaker suite. In particular Kit decks it works well with her ability and they tend to have the extra memory. – William: 3/3

As soon as I saw this card I thought about Kit plus Cyber-Cypher/Torch. Perfect card except that it uses 2 memory and 4 influence. But these are required or it’s broken. – Glen: 3/3

Wow – just wow! I’m a big fan of Paintbrush because I love the opportunities it presents – first thought: Morning-Star-asaurus – paying 1 credit per ICE (Str:7!) after a click or two of server prep. But hey – you’re playing Kit anyway? Yogasaurus will get you through all strength 5 or less ICE, for 0 creds. At 4 influence, Paintbrush is still worth it in Criminal and Anarch decks. The benefit is only for 1 run though, but if it’s a multiple access run, it’ll be totally worth it. – Dave: 3/3


lucky-findLucky Find
Another strong economy card and while the two influence hurts, I feel some decks have enough in faction options where they can spare enough for their last few influence if they need economy. – William: 2/3

This is a 3 if it didn’t cost 2 influence. – Glen: 2/3

Love the card. Hate the art. It’s Velma from Scooby Doo, in the 22nd century. (Where they still use paper money?) Otherwise, a good econ card if that’s important enough to you to spend 2 influence – and it often will be. Two clicks for 6 creds is better than 3 clicks for 6 creds with Armitage or Magnum Opus. Will definitely try it out in my Shaper big breaker deck. Jinkies! – Dave: 2/3


gyri-labyrinthGyri Labyrinth
Cheap piece of ice that can be a bit painful to face check and helps the corp kill the runner late game. It doesn’t actually do anything until the end of the runners turn and the runner decides which cards to discard will make it sub par most of the time. – William: 2/3

At first this looks like a crappy code gate that Yog.0 crushes. Now pair it with Corporate Troubleshooter in a Weyland Deck and watch the fun. You can now double Scorch to victory even if the runner has a Plascrete in play. Quite useful in HB Brainbuster decks too. – Glen: 3/3

Gyri is hard to assess, but overall I don’t hate it. As a runner, every freakin’ card in my deck is important to me, so I don’t want to toss anything but unnecessary duplicates while I’m playing. Early game, I’m going to really hate this card because I can choose to run through it and suffer the consequences. More importantly though, it’s going to mess with my head – making me think there’s a Scorch or Ronin around every corner ready to end the game. Then it becomes an annoying late game tax. – Dave: 2/3


reclamation-orderReclamation Order
Cerebral Imaging decks will most likely put this to use but other decks will stick to Archive Memories. – William: 2/3

Most obvious comparison is Archived Memories. This card can potentially bring 3 cards back for 2 clicks, but how often do you have 3 of the same card in archives. Also you have to reveal them with Reclamation Order. Not great. – Glen: 1/3

First thought – Scorched, right? Second thought – Biotic Labor right? Third? Money. Fourth? Trick of Light. Fifth? Snare. Sixth? Adonis Campaign. Seventh? Reclamation Order – you get the idea. What’s not to like at a cost of 1 credit and 2 clicks? You’re guaranteed to get the important cards you need while playing (even if you don’t need 3.) Reclamation Order can suddenly let you play any 3 cards in rapid succession multiple times. HB is getting some cool stuff. – Dave: 3/3


broadcast-squareBroadcast Square
Currently there’s not enough bad publicity going around for this to be played and even then I would only play it if there was quite a few cards that gave bad publicity in your corp deck. – William: 1/3

This card has a lot of future potential. Right now, I can see it being used heavily with Muckraker protecting it. Expensive to splash, but Weyland is going to try. – Glen: 2/3

Narrow use in NBN right now, Broadcast Square seems to be more useful in Weyland and HB – but at 3 influence? NBN must be getting some badass cards soon. On the plus side, its high trash/low install cost makes it a good lone, unprotected server card the runner will probably leave alone unless he’s truly loaded. Works well with Geothermal Fracking, Posted Bounty, Hostile Takeover, Vulcan Coverup. – Dave: 1/3


corporate-shuffleCorporate Shuffle
Most decks will be better off with Jackson Howard but those that burn through cards and need to fill their hand and dig deeper for needed cards will play this. In the late game HQ often has a number of useless cards, this allows you to refresh your hand and dig for that Agenda or ambush to help close things out. – William: 2/3

This card gets the “literal” award. I don’t think it is necessary with Jackson Howard in the game. Would seem to be a good way to get some relief from an agenda heavy HQ, but most NBN players don’t mind that. Better than Anonymous Tip in my book. – Glen: 1/3

I like the options this card gives you, and at 2 influence, it’s good in most corp decks. It’s really going to shine in NBN though, when you don’t Jackson the cards you need to end the game, so last click you shuffle yourself a new hand for 5 more cards. I even like the cost. – Dave: 2/3


caprice-niseiCaprice Nisei
A high variance card that will sometimes do really well and other times not as much, which some will pass on for more consistent cards. It makes keeping track of how many credits when the runner is running on a server that much more important for both sides. – William: 3/3

Everyone has been talking about this card. It is the ultimate game changer. All Corps are trying to find a way to include her even at 4 influence. All runners are working on ways to attack. I think we are going to see corp’s get smug with her protecting a remote and runners focusing on running either R&D or HQ. However, she can be used to protect a central server too. If Noise wasn’t obsolete before, he is now. – Glen: 3/3

A game changing card, no doubt about it. I would argue that it should be influence 5, based on her Jinteki backstory and the card’s effect. Not only can this card hold its own, but I can see it being an autowin situation for the corp if the runner’s credits are low and predictable, there’s an unbroken RSVP in front, etc. Where she really shines though is with an accompanying upgrade like Corporate Troubleshooter or Ash. I also like her setup on HQ to counter Account Siphon, and make Off the Grid worthwhile. – Dave: 3/3


Like Muckraker before it becomes quite a bit weaker even by a single link. Unlike Muckraker it does have an higher upside of possibly killing the runner but most of the time it will be too expensive for its return. – William: 2/3

With the main runners starting with 1 link, this card is questionable. Especially in Jinteki where money is not as abundant, even with Celebrity Gift. If you can score a Clone Retirement right after rezzing this, then it would be much better. – Glen: 2/3

Here’s an interesting piece of ICE – one that can actually kill a runner in one encounter with its 6 net damage. After that, it’s a very taxing sentry, with an end the run subroutine. I like it. – Dave: 2/3


Sensei’s little brother. There’s only so much room for small utility pieces of ice and this one isn’t going to make the cut. – William: 1/3

Nice as the outermost piece of ice vs. Kit or Inside Job. But if Sensei sucks, then this one really blows. – Glen: 1/3

I can hear Glen now – another S:3 Code Gate? Really? I don’t like ICE that needs to be placed very specifically to have an effect; and not only doesn’t end the run itself, but may not end the run on the followup piece as well, depending on the runner’s breaker suite. Kind of cool when paired with HB click-thru ICE, but if you’re going for that effect, wouldn’t Sensei be better? – Dave: 1/3


Solid piece of ice that helps score those early Agenda’s and then in late game rush those agendas out those last few points when this becomes trivial to pass. Later in the game if the Corps is behind putting it on a central is taxing for relativly low cost, with Corroder the most common barrier breaker costing the runner 6 credits to get past until you have scored Agendas. – William: 3/3

This card is very useful in a Weyland deck dedicated to winning via flatline. Now you might even forfeit a 2 or 3 point agenda to rez Archer. However, there is not much variety here. If the runner see Hive, she knows the corp’s strategy. Of course, when she see Building A Better World, she usually does too. – Glen: 2/3

Hive has a shelf life of 5 agenda points. After that, you should be happy to overwrite it, by which time it’s already done its job – chances are, the next agenda wins. Glad to see Mean Green get a decent mid-range barrier that is splashable for every faction. Corroder is 7 creds to break through an unadvanced Hadrian’s, and 6 creds to break through an unweakened Hive. It’s solid ICE with lots of utility that taxes the runner almost like Hadrian’s Wall, but with half the upfront cost. – Dave: 3/3


witness-tamperingWitness Tampering
Baseline effect for removing Bad Publicity, costly and not very effecient to play. I like the other options for removing Bad Publicity more such as Veterans Program or Elizabeth Mills and Restoring Face out of faction. Its low in influence and not being conditional does have its appeal. – William: 1/3

Seems too expensive, but it may be worth it. My fave flavour text in Double Time. – Glen: 1/3

When a corporate card is 1 influence, it’s meant to go into any corp deck. Witness Tampering is one of those cards. I think its double action and 4 cred cost is totally fair to remove 2 bad publicity. Right now there aren’t too many ways to remove bad pub for Weyland who generate the most: 2x Elizabeth Mills would do it, but that’s the same number of credits and actions. And honestly, I would rather have 2 Posted Bounty in my deck than Veteran’s Program. Especially with Black mail and NAPD Contract around now. – Dave: 2/3


napd-contractNAPD Contract
Any Agenda with conditions for the runner to access or steal should be considered. Forcing the runner to spend 4 credits to steal is great to help prevent the running from stealing. At worst it taxes the runner, allowing the corp to push through Agendas when the runner cant afford to run. Its yet another thing the runner has to consider their credit count before and during a run. – William: 3/3

Sweet! The card fast advance decks wanted has arrived, as if they needed it. NBN and HB already have two 3 for 2 agendas. Adding 3 copies of this covers 18 of the 20 agenda points in the deck. This card is so hard to steal, especially early. Almost safe behind 1 piece of ice in early game. – Glen: 3/3

The best 4/2 agenda in the game, besides perhaps, Nisei Mk II. But since you can’t play Nisei outside of Jinteki… Love the built-in Red Herrings aspect of this agenda, which quite coincidentally, goes really well with Red Herrings! Any upgrade really synergizes with NAPD Contract allowing rich corps to manipulate the runner’s credits and keep NAPD from being scored. – Dave: 3/3


A code gate Ice Wall with no influence cost, it forces the runner to fetch Yog or other decoder just to deal with a 1 cost ice. ANd late game it taxes just as much as an Enigma. – William: 3/3

Great early game ice. Only 1 to rez. Runner has to pay 1 to get through every time or pay 5 to install Yog.0. So it’s good later too. Main weakness is that it crumbles to Parasite. – Glen: 3/3

Cheap etr ICE is always going to be in demand – Ice Wall’s reputation was built on it. And Quandary is neutral – nice. I like its deliberate illustrative similarity to Enigma. I’ll be using it a lot. – Dave: 3/3


Episode 20 of Agenda7 is Now Online


We discuss our favourite cards from Double Time, discuss NOT using all types of ICE in your deck, and do a top 10 list of dirty Netrunner cards and terms. We also discuss a whole weekend of  tournaments – what we learned and how we did.

Podcast 20 includes:
1 – Tournament weekend at 401 Games and Nexus Games
2 – Top 5/4 cards from Double Time
3 – Top 10 Dirty Netrunner Card Names and Terms
4 – ICE – do you really need all types in a corp deck?
5 – Acknowledgements & contact

We hope you get something useful out of it. (The top 10 list of dirty Netrunner cards is especially immature – we’d like to hear your submissions!)

Direct download for episode 20 is: