Toronto 401 Games Netrunner Regional

Regional report by Scott Rostrup.

Saturday, June 28th, saw more than 2 million people descend on downtown Toronto to celebrate World Pride Week and 59 enthusiastic Netrunners descend the stairs down into the playing area of 401 Games on Yonge St. for what would be more than 12 hours of intense play.  Six rounds of Swiss, followed by a Top 8 elimination bracket were played.  Cards viable at this tournament were all of those up to Honour and Profit as we are still a couple of weeks away from seeing Upstalk.  The competition was stiff, but in the end Eric Boivin of Montreal took the championship running Andromeda and Making News in a tense battle against Maria Teresa Rossi, who was playing Chaos Theory and The World is Yours*.

Eric’s tournament report is available over at stimhack, Eric’s Report.


After 6 rounds of swiss the total number of players using different ids and the total amount of prestige garnered by the various factions is displayed in the scatter plot.  It is no surprise that long-time favourites Etf, MN, CT, Kate, RP, and Andy were the top choices.  Anarch was also quite well represented but overall they underperformed despite some of the top players playing them.  Of the most popular ones, only the corporations and Andy got average prestige scores greater than 6 which indicates winning half of your games, suggesting that maybe corporations were giving more consistent performance.

On the lower end of the number of players spectrum, PE stands out as having an average prestige of 10 out of a possible 12 for the 2 players that ran it, which is pretty amazing.  Also on the low end, BABW’s fall from grace seems complete as it finished lower in score than BWBI (although with only 1 player playing each identity that day).

Top 8 Identity Breakdown

In the top 8, we see a pretty even 3 way split among three of the Corporation factions: NBN, HB, and Jinteki, with Weyland nowhere to be seen.  Again, as in the last Toronto regionals, NBN nabbed the top 2 spots.  On the runner side, Andromeda was dominant, taking 5 of the spots, while 3 different Shaper ids and 1 Whizzard rounded out the crowd.  Tie breakers proved very important in determining who would make the cut with many excellent players just missing out.


All in all, an excellent day of Netrunning was had by all, and a huge props must go out to the tournament organizer Victor for running another great tournament!

Maria’s 2nd place decks are below:
NBN – The World is Yours
Chaos Theory