12 Agenda7 Podcast – Viewer Mail!

Episode 12 of Agenda7 is now online.

The first thing Glen and I discuss are choices from the collection of listener emails and comments we’ve received since late 2012. Then we discuss a few FFG spoilers of the first 3 packs of Spin Cycle – Opening Moves, Second Thoughts and Mala Tempora. Leave a review of Agenda7 on iTunes between now and episode 13, and you could win an ebook copy of Free Fall by William H. Keith, from FFG Publishing. (Just gotta work in your email address somewhere.)

Podcast 12 includes:
1 – Listener questions & comments
2 – Spin Cycle cards
3 – Acknowledgements & contact

Episode 12 was recorded on Canada Day – July 1st, 2013. Canada is 2013 years old today.

< This is a photo of the Ultra Pro Top Loaders we discussed in the show, along with a photo of them in use in my card box, for Netrunner.

Thanks to Matt Nott for reviewing the episode. We hope you get something useful out of it. Until then – drink more Redbull, listen to more Drum & Bass – and I will see you online.
– Dave

Direct download link: 12 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

The link to Remy Gibson’s A:NR podcast list is: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/157566/android-netrunner-podcasts-metalist