Podcast 01 has Been Remastered

Jeff Ross (Visual Approximation)

Jeff Ross (Visual Approximation)

Good news going forward – thanks to audio ninja Jeff Ross – episode 01 of Agenda7 has been remastered to higher volume levels and more centralized stereo playback. No need to crank it to hear it.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. And thanks to Jeff for his time.

02 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

Agenda7 is an Android: Netrunner Podcast for people who enjoy playing the LCG game by Fantasy Flight Games. Brought to you by the Netrunner News Network.

Podcast 02 of Agenda7 covers:
1 – Thank-you for your feedback.
2 – What you might want to play.
3 – Talk 5/4 cards.
4 – Corporate & Runner assets we hate.
5 – Deckbuilding 101 (there will be much more on this in the future)
6 – Contact us.

Podcast 02 was recorded on October 28th, 2012. By the time we recorded this, registration for the World’s in Minnesota was closing, so we didn’t mention it. Glen’s thoughts on his most hated Runner cards are interesting – why not have a cold frosty bass and give it a listen?

Agenda7′s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, leave an iTunes review. You can leave a comment here, or send us an email at: agenda7podcast@gmail.com We hope you like it.

Direct download link: 02 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast