Agenda7 is Packing it in – So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

end times dolphins55mdIt was a tough decision, but Agenda7 is shutting its podcasting down.

We’ve all enjoyed playing Netrunner since August, 2012, but because of our many, many other interests, we can’t maintain the schedule. If you’re interested in why, read on – otherwise, so long and thanks for all the fish.

1 – Time. Our podcast takes a lot of time to research, play, record and edit. Often this means deckbuilding and playing with cards you would normally rarely use. You need to have an informed opinion, or you’re just making stuff up and crossing your fingers that you were right. The three of us agreed that this one (fantastic) game was taking up a full 50% or more of our gaming time. – ironically, often, not playing it.

Then there’s the social media aspect of it. I had no idea how much time Facebook, Twitter and email interactions would add to the ‘casts workload. Fair warning to other wannabe podcasters – social media and listener emails take up a lot of time, and if you don’t have it, or don’t care, don’t pretend to want feedback. We loved and responded to 99% of every piece of listener feedback we got – that’s why we announce some names at the end of each show. We love you guys, and thanks for doing it.

2 – Burnout. You can play a game too much, and it may begin to lose its excitement. After many store championships this spring, we all felt the need to take a rest from the game. Then Honor and Profit came out. What to do now? Without the passion, you shouldn’t be podcasting about Netrunner – you owe it to your listeners, wouldn’t you agree? Which leads to the next concern.

3 – Fun. We will continue to play, and collect everything – I have no doubt. Without the need to be taking notes and doing research, more ‘fun’ will come back into the game for us. Believe it or not, I actually feel a little twinge of stress or guilt whenever I can’t answer a listener email, or take too long between acknowledging tweets. What’s up with that? That’s not fun – it’s worry!

So what now? Agenda7 is not going away, although the new podcasts will be. We’ll see you on the forums. We’ll see you on OCTGN. We’ll still make videos. In fact, I expect the video aspect of Agenda7 to take off. And we’ll still be writing articles, and doing interviews whenever we can, but the regular podcasts are going the way of  Exploratory Romp and Burke Bugs.

Thank-you to everyone for a great time! We enjoyed it – and we hope you got something useful out of it.

Remember to drink more Red Bull, listen to more drum and bass, and we will see you ONLINE.

33 thoughts on “Agenda7 is Packing it in – So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

  1. Bummer, I always liked listening to you guys. Hope you enjoy the ‘retirement’, and find fun in whatever you choose to pursue. And if you’d happen to put out a yearly podcost, I’d still listen!

  2. That’s a shame but thanks so much for the hours of entertainment and for all the hard work you put into podcast.

  3. I totally understand. I’ve burnt out on the game myself to be honest. I have no doubt I’ll be coming back sometime in the future, but right now it’s a mixture of having less time due to university, some cards FFG released for the game that just feel stupid to me (like we actually needed a fucking way to tutor for Account Siphon) and rather spending my spare time with other board games.

    It was always great to listen to you guys.

    • Thanks Paradox! Stats show that you’re our most posted listener – and you always have great ideas. Awesome to have your feedback, and I read alot of your posts all over the ‘net. Cheers to you sir.

  4. Sorry to see you guys go. Yours was one of the first podcasts I ever heard on Netrunner. Helped get me into the game. I’ve always appreciated your view on the cards. But glad you guys aren’t giving this game up. Best wishes. And see you down the road. 🙂

    @paradox Haters goin hate. The game is still phenomenal. And no game even comes close to touching it. Sorry if you can’t play around Account Siphon. But it doesn’t make the game bad. And it can be beaten. But you are entitled to your opinion.

    • Thank-you Wallz – glad we could help you get into it, because, well, that was the whole point! Don’t be too harsh on Paradox – he doesn’t hate the game, he hates the card – arguably the most controversial card in the game. I played against Glen’s new Ken deck yesterday and got Siphoned 5 times in about 12 turns.

    • I don’t even really hate Account Siphon. I occasionally got sick of seeing it in borderline every competitive runner deck, but I was always against banning or restricting it. You indeed CAN play around it. What frustrates me is the fact that it was already acknowledged by Damon to be a yellow flag and yet they still print cards that make the card even stronger, rather than countering it a little better.
      Plus, I didn’t quit just because of Account Siphon, as you might have read from my post and it’s by far not the only design decision I find at least questionable.
      As for your statement that no other game can even touch Netrunner in its greatness: That’s highly subjective, don’t you think? It’s still my favourite card game I ever played, but there are so many other great card and board games out there and they are so many concepts and variations that it’s impossible to say game X is the best game by far.
      And implying that I’m incompetent at the game strikes me as a bit odd to be honest.

      I don’t hate the game and I never did. I’ll come back to it in time, I’m sure. I’ll still follow the theorycrafting, but I’ll stop contributing to it for a while because I don’t want to write about something I don’t currently play myself.

      • I don’t ctually have time for “competitive” gaming now, so I’m restricted to our semi regular game nights. What we play varies a lot but the first edition of Descent still hits the table pretty regularly.
        We also picked up the Spartacus game recently and it’s surprisingly fantastic, especially considering its price and it being based on a TV series I don’t even like.
        Basically I won’t have a go-to game for a while.

  5. I just started to listen. I am from Belgium.. Your podcast was perfect for training my listened english with a subject I like. That’s too bad… I will continue to listen the rest of the episodes. Thanks for the work done.

    • Sorry Mr K. – the podcasts will stay up for quite a while yet. Not sure when we’ll take them down. Keep runnin’ in Belgium! Thanks for writing.

  6. Thanks so much to all of you for listening to our podcast. If was great fun doing it.

    Mostly I want to thank my little brother and best friend in the entire world Dave for all his work on the podcast. For those of you who don’t know, Dave did all the work from recording, editing and posting the podcast on the internet. He also is the brains and brawn behind the website and all the social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Will and I enjoyed tagging along, but without Dave there would be no Agenda7.

  7. You did a great job, guys. Your insight, collective demeanor and sense of humor made it a treat. Perhaps we’ll meet at Worlds.

    Thanks very much for the efforts!

  8. I will miss you, guys. Agenda7 was always my No 1 Netrunner podcast. From the very beginning.
    Thank you very much. I really appreciate what you did for my netrunning!

  9. I will miss your podcast. I hope that without the pressures of producing a regular podcast you will still be able to make blog posts or non-regular podcasts when the time allows.

    You guys were the first podcast I listened to and I have agreed and disagreed the whole time. I am thankful for all of the time you put in. Wish you the best, in Netrunning and all other endeavors.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement Thopol. We’re glad to present different opinions about Netrunner – and so we should – consensus of the majority doesn’t mean much when you’re deckbuilding. We can’t all agree. Keep running man.

  11. Sorry to hear that. Even though I don’t play anymore I enjoyed your show while I did and having the chance to review episodes for feedback for you guys before posting.

    – Toqtamish

    • Thanks Matt – your help was very much appreciated. Met a guy from Halifax at the 401 regional on Saturday who knew you, and played against you a couple of times. Small world!

  12. Just started playing netrunner and have really enjoyed what I’ve read here. Any chance of getting an archive of the podcast posted somewhere? It seems the links are all 404.


  13. I’m a little embarrassed it took me so long to notice that my podcatcher hadn’t downloaded any Agenda7 episodes until now, and went looking to see what was up.

    Thanks for the good run, and all your insight into the game. I hope you’re still enjoying Netrunner, or whatever else has caught your enthusiasm of late.

  14. Darn. I was really learning a lot about the game. I understand tough, its a lot of work and very little praise.

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