Agenda7 is a podcast about Android: Netrunner – by Fantasy Flight Games.

Company Man Glen Jones, Runner Scum Dave Ross and Will “the Hat” Hatton host the podcast, which is published about once every 4 weeks. These three extremely knowledgeable, urbane, handsome and modest individuals live near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

dave-ross-agenda7Runner Scum Dave Ross kind of looks like this. Well.. alot like this really. Except with more colour. You can tell from the photo that he likes old films and knitting.

He plays Netrunner alot, but never the same deck for more than a week; which explains his incredibly solid mediocre tournament positions. His deck building is usually done between the hours of 1 and 3 o’clock in the morning while drinking Red Bull and listening to drum n bass. Do not trust him to look after your humidor if you go on vacation.

glen-jones-agenda7Company Man Glen Jones kind of looks like this. As the podcast’s Corporate expert, it should come as no surprise that he is heavily involved in the financial world.

Glen has grok’d the game of Netrunner faster than anyone you will ever meet, but has such bad luck in tournament play that you might as well just play with all your cards face up – you will still win. If you ever get the chance to play him, just quote Family Guy and tell him he’s on his last click. He will believe you every time. Do not trust Glen with your 80s CD collection at a party.

will-hatton-aboutWill “the Hat” Hatton kind of looks like this. You may think he’s a man of few words, but you’d be wrong. Except when on the Agenda7 mic, he never f***ing shuts up. I swear to god I don’t know how he manages to breathe between all the shots of Johnny Walker Black and his imported packs of Virginia Slims.

Will is the kind of Netrunner player who lulls you into thinking you’re winning, then plays Power Shutdown on all 3 of your breakers for the win. Do not trust him to keep your girlfriend company while you make a beer run.

You can contact Agenda7 in the following ways:
Email: agenda7podcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @Agenda7Podcast
Facebook: Agenda7 Podcast
Website: https://agendaseven.wordpress.com/

In support of Agenda7 are 2 individuals whom I shall not make fun of:
Thank-you Matt Nott and Jeff Ross for your early podcast support – it was appreciated and necessary.
Thanks guys.

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