18 Agenda7 Podcast is Online


Episode 18 of Agenda7 is now online: announcements from FFG, True Colors
top5/4 cards, Netrunner ambushing strategies, and even more online

Podcast 18 includes:
1 – News from FFG
2 – Top 5/4 True Colors cards
3 – Strategy: Ambushing
4 – More online resources
5 – Acknowledgements & Contact

Episode 18 was recorded on Saturday, February 8th, 2014, from the ISS space station; before Sandra Bullock wrecked it.

Show links:
Agenda7’s Podcast Channel on Youtube
Apreche’s Channel on YouTube (Netrunner with Scott)
Corp Draw’s Netrunner Channel on YouTube
Ono-Sendai (Netrunner card browser)
The Satellite Uplink (by David Sutcliffe)

Direct download for episode 18:

5 thoughts on “18 Agenda7 Podcast is Online

  1. I’d much rather play a combination of Faeries and Femme than Garotte to be honest. Femme just gives you more utility and Criminal has plenty of other ways to get rid of high strength sentries.

    Keyhole is nuts of course. It can be a game winner, though I think that R&D Interface is still stronger in Criminal, because memory is just incredibly tight for them.

    Lawyer Up and Sharpshooter are really neat as well.

    On the corp side Sweeps Week, Shock and Punitive Counterstrike are the best cards in my opinion.

    Punitive Counterstrike/Scorched/Cleaners decks with a lot 5/3 agendas are really fun and kind of difficult to play against at times. It’s a really nice tool to just burn through Carapaces even.

    Shock is really nice though I overestimated its impact. With Keyhole in the mix, it gets dodged a lot and there aere other ways to recharge your Datasuckers than running on archives. It’s hard to fit in decks but it has its spot in dedicated Jinteki flatline decks.

    Sweeps Week is nuts. It immediately replaced Beanstalk in my NBN rush deck and it’s working out great. It’s not really something NBN necessarily needed though, because they already have been in GREAT shape prior to that. There are the strongest Corp faction in my opinion now.

    Veterans Program is rather underwhelming but I’m glad it exists regardless.

    Not sold on Panic Button. If you don’t have a Jackson installed, it can easily bite you in the ass and I’d rather have a SanSan to defend against Siphon than this.

    RSVP is really cool as well. Great to rush early agendas behind an Ash or Red Herrings. Or for Fetal AI. And it’s out of Yog.0 range which is pretty important.

    Fenris is no really good in Jinteki actually. It gives you a bad pub and runners borderline don’t facecheck them without a killer anyway. It’s better in other factions that are looking to flatline with meat damage. Totally with Will on this one.

    Also props to Curtain Wall because of the best flavour text in any game ever. Period.

    Again, better pack for the corp, but Keyhole is a really strong runner tool that helps the faction that most needs it right now.

    Other topics: Nasir seems INCREDIBLY interesting to me. Him with Xanadu, Rooks, bursty economy and the breakers that keep their strength throughout the run (you can pump them before the corp has a chance to rez). It just seems so incredibly fun to me.

    I don’t find myself using Thomas Haas at all. He just doesn’t seem to be worth the deckslot to me. I like to play a straightforward fast advance game when I’m playing HB (which isn’t the case so often anymore) and he just doesn’t fit in with it at all. I can see his uses though.

    I’d rather use Atlas Counter to close out games. Just keep them until you are a few points away from winning and go get your Hostile Takeover(s). GG. Also SS/SE/PC or whatever you need to deal the final blow.

    Troubleshooter is a favourite card of mine. I really love it and splash it into all factions. It helps you translate big piles of money into wins. What’s not to love?

    Not rezzing ice at the right time is actually incredibly important not just for damaging the runner. Don’t rez your ETR ice on HQ when they would just access one card, even if they have a 25% chance to snap an agenda. Use it when they drop a Siphon. And even if it can’t stop them, you at least used up credits the runner won’t get from you AND he has to pay more to get through in the first place.

    Nice episode again folks. I really liked the strategy topic on this one. Can’t believe it’s already been 18 episodes 🙂

    By the way, thanks for shouting out the Satellite Uplink blog. It’s a great blog and I might never have found it without you guys.

      • Thanks for writing Paradox. I never actually read the flavour text on Curtain Wall – hilarious!

        Of all the games I’ve played since True Colors, I’ve yet to get Panic Button into the game. I made a deck with it as a one-of, then took it out. Not promising!

        Again, thanks for writing. I’m glad you got something useful out of episode 18! – Dave
        (And ya, my Reina play has improved alot. I really play her so I can get Deep Red and Caissas into play, occasionally forgetting her ability.) 😦

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