17 Agenda7 Podcast is Online

red and white in the netThe latest episode of Agenda7 is online!

The first datapack we discuss in 2014 is Mala Tempora, cards 41-60 of Android Netrunner’s Spin Cycle – and that’s what’s most on our minds – along with the new Anarch ID: Reina Roja. We also discuss the Chronos Protocol tour, some cool new Android Netrunner online resources we like, and more!

Podcast 17 includes:
1 – Top 5/4 Mala Tempora cards
2 – Initial Reina Roja deck designs
3 – Fave 3 online Netrunner resources
4 – The Chronos Protocol tour
5 – Acknowledgements & Contact

Episode 17 was recorded Friday, January 10th, 2014, before a live studio audience.

Show links:
Mala Tempora card reviews – in depth
Netrunner Lookup (a Google Chrome extension)
The Satellite Uplink (by David Sutcliffe)
ANR Bad Publicity on YouTube

Direct download for this episode:

8 thoughts on “17 Agenda7 Podcast is Online

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to say that this was my first time tuning in and I thought it was a good show. I really appreciated the mention my blog got on your show and I’ll do my best to live up to the great review you gave me!


  2. Ha! High praise David – glad you liked the show. But let’s face it, it’s not really done for players like yourself. Keep writing (and analyzing) – your blog rocks! – Dave

  3. Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know you’re my favorite Netrunner podcast and I love what you guys do.

    Also, I believe the next Deluxe box (after H&P) will be NBN and Anarch. When C&C came out, I called Jinteki+Criminal based on the simple idea fact that:
    HB -> Jinteki -> NBN -> Weyland (Alphabetical)
    Shaper -> Criminal -> Anarch (Reverse Alphabetical)

  4. Ha! That’s interesting. And probably true. Although I’m thinking that Weyland’s expansion set might come with multi-player rules. Thanks for writing Mush!

  5. Nice episode.

    I disagree about Raymond Flint. I don’t think it’s a game changing card. He is good, but not in a meta changing way. Though he will prevent excessive use of bad pub, but that’s not too desirable (yet). I don’t think he warrants a deck slot unless your meta specifically plays a lot of bad pub.

    Also, Isabel McGuire is nice, but not Jackson Howard or Restructure nice. Granted, she doesn’t really fit my play style. I just like to rush through my corp games as fast as possible and she is way to click intensive to work in those kind of decks.

    Paper Wall is the bomb by the way. It replaced Ice Wall in all of my non-Weyland decks. The best card in the pack in my opinion. It’s pretty much everything I dreamed of, now I want a code gate with the same effect please. Snoop is awesome as well though.
    Is ‘out of Ninja range’ even a plus anymore? Is anyone still playing these? I haven’t seen it in ages 😀

    I like Power Shutdown better than Interns. Not for any wonky combos so many people talk about, but just for a way to get rid of some nasty runner stuff, especially for things like Faerie (evil) or a loaded Scheherazade ( even more evil).

    • Thanks for writing Paradox. I think I was a little overzealous on Flint. I only saw ways of accessing multiple HQ cards for “free” – but getting that to happen is a long setup.

      It’s true – Ninja is a rarity right now. Can’t remember the last time I used it.

      Power Shutdown is fantastic, and is outperforming Interns in my decks. You’re right – there’s shenanigans galore – but the ability to trash key cards at will is killer.

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