Honor and Profit: In Depth

Starting with Honor and Profit, we’re not going to be so eager to discuss cards we haven’t had a chance to use. After a month of use for many cards in this deluxe set, we’ve got a better handle on what to expect from them. Glen’s scathing and to-the-point comments are first in this review.

harmony-medtech-biomedical-pioneerHarmony Medtech – 3/3
Normally I don’t like Identities that on the surface appear to benefit runner and corp the same. The big advantage here is that the runner doesn’t know going in that you are running this one. It offers Jinteki a rush deck option. And now that there is a 5 for 3 agenda, you can play this with only 6 three point agendas if you wish (40 card minimum deck size). Makes The Hive an even better piece of ice. – Glen

psychic-fieldNisei Division – 2/3
Has the most future potential as more good Psi effect cards become available. Still, playable now. – Glen

tennin-institute-the-secrets-withinTennin Institute – 2/3
Nice effect, but big problem is that Jinteki ice isn’t famous for stopping the runner. Will have to splash ice and use neutral ice to make this work. – Glen

house-of-knivesHouse of Knives – 2/3
Not a huge fan of 3 for 1 agenda, but this one works well after Komainu or perhaps a well timed Shinobi. Also useful in decks that try to deck the runner. – Glen

medical-breakthroughMedical Breakthrough – 2/3
Better in a longer game – less useful with Harmony Medtech. – Glen

philotic-entanglementPhilotic Entanglement – 3/3
It’s a 3 for 2! Oh ya, and it does something useful. – Glen

the-future-perfectThe Future Perfect – 2/3
Interesting 5 for 3. Most of them do something very useful once scored, but not this one. However, it does offer some protection until it is installed. Unfortunately, it loses this once installed, but still not bad. – Glen

chairman-hiroChairman Hiro – 1/3
Although this is useful in an endgame strategy, it is really hard to put cards like this in your deck which give the runner more points to steal. You still have to put the minimum number of agenda points in your deck. And with Unregistered S&W ’35 in the runner’s arsenal, any hope for this card just got snuffed out. – Glen

mental-health-clinicMental Health Clinic – 3/3
A card that costs 0 to rez and 3 to trash. Very useful in decks not designed to flatline the runner. And it’s not unique. Fairly easy to splash. – Glen

psychic-fieldPsychic Field – 3/3
The first card that has its effect take place when exposed! And only 1 influence. Gonna see this in a lot of Weyland decks. – Glen

shikyShi.Kyu – 3/3
Has a great effect and it works from everywhere except R&D (including archives). If you have enough money, can force the runner to take -1 agenda point. And it’s not unique. Combines well with Philotic Entanglement. Also great if you’re playing Harmony Medtech with only 3 point agendas, or only 2 point agendas – forces the runner to steal 1 more agenda than you have to score. – Glen

tenma-lineTenma Line – 2/3
I suspect once again that I will like this card more than the general population. Especially useful in Jinteki where ice placement is key. – Glen

cerebral-castCerebral Cast – 2/3
At first glance I hated this card as Jinteki usually has little tag punishment so runner would opt for the tag. But if used as the first click, runner might have to take the brain damage to avoid losing key resources. Once brain damage hits, easier to flatline via net damage. – Glen

medical-research-fundraiserMedical Research Fundraiser – 1/3
Basically gives you 5 credits to the runner’s 3. Not good as you often want runner to be poor when playing Jinteki. – Glen

mushin-no-shinMushin No Shin – 3/3
Mushin No shin, how do I love thee, let me count the ways:
1. Useful with bluffing
2. Also allows you to advance a Project Junebug in one turn with enough to flatline the runner with a full hand
3. lso good for Ronin
4. Useful with Trick of Light
5. Super if you can score an Unorthodox Predictions on click 1 – can score a 5 for 3 next turn fairly easily. – Glen

inazumaInazuma – 2/3
Useful but has to be installed in the correct spot to be useful. Can cause a nice surprise the first time, then a taxing piece of ice after that. – Glen

komainuKomainu – 2/3
Nice taxing piece of ice, but very susceptible to Parasite. Can end the game early along with a Neural EMP. – Glen

pupPup – 2/3
Costs 1 to rez and runner pretty much has to pay 2 to get through unscathed. – Glen

shiroShiro – 2/3
A bit expensive, but can be very useful in a deck with a lot of traps like Snare! Need to test this more before finalizing the rating. – Glen

susanoonomikotoSusanoo –no-Mikoto – 1/3
Interesting. Freaking expensive. Unique. Nope. – Glen

neotokyo-gridNeoTokyo Grid – 1/3
Seems useful with a high trash cost, but it will get culled before you get to 49 cards. – Glen

tori-hanzTori Hanzo – 2/3
Can see a deck designed around this, but limited use. – Glen

plan-bPlan B – 1/3
Would like to use this in Weyland where 2 and 5 advancement agendas are useful. But would never use without Trick of Light, meaning the 0 influence is misleading. Low trash cost make it vulnerable in R&D and HQ. – Glen

guardGuard – 1/3
Seems useful vs. Inside Job but at only 2 strength, will be easy for any useful Killer to break for 1 credit. – Glen

rainbowRainbow – 1/3
Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’d rather pay 1 more credit for a Bastion. – Glen

diversified-portfolioDiversified Portfolio – 2/3
Useful with horizontal decks like Replicating Perfection. – Glen

fast-trackFast Track – 2/3
Pretty risky as you are revealing an agenda going to HQ to the runner. However, can be a useful end game strategy. Probably best used after scoring Unorthodox Predictions. – Glen

iain-stirling-retired-spookIain Stirling – 1/3
Finally a use for Data Dealer. The big benefit of this card is a bad strategy in the finals of a tournament, so it is only playable in ‘friendly’ games. Plus only 10 influence. – Glen

ken-express-tenma-disappeared-cloneKen “Express” Tenma – 3/3
With all the run events in H&P, this card is an ultra aggressive runner. With 17 influence, you can splash several great run events like Escher, Demolition Run, Stimhack, Indexing and The Maker’s Eye. – Glen

silhouette-stealth-operativeSilhouette – 2/3
Interesting ability, but I think it will play too slow for tournaments. – Glen

calling-in-favorsCalling in Favors – 3/3
Combined with Fall Guy, Hostage and Same Old Thing, this can be a big money maker. Just make sure you have some link or a Decoy. – Glen

early-birdEarly Bird – 2/3
Auto include with Tenma, this will make the runner prepare one turn for the next. Might give away too much info to the corp during that prep. – Glen

express-deliveryExpress Delivery – 1/3
Rather use Mr. Li. – Glen

feintFeint – 2/3
Use with Emergency Shutdown and Bug. Useful if you have Desperado. Likely auto include for Gabriel Santiago. – Glen

legworkLegwork – 2/3
The Maker’s Eye for Criminal. Not quite as useful though. – Glen

planned-assaultPlanned Assault – 2/3
The double event doesn’t hurt as you get to play the card searched for. Be more useful is there were a decent double run event. – Glen

logosLogos – 1/3
Does this cost more than Desperado? Yes. Is it better? No. – Glen

public-terminalPublic Terminal – 2/3
Auto include with Tenma. I really like Prepaid VoicePad and while not as versatile, it is cheaper. Also great protection from Power Shutdown. – Glen

unregistered-sw-35Unregistered S&W ’35 – 3/3
Goodbye Caprice Nisei – we hardly knew you. – Glen

windowWindow – 2/3
Obviously useful with Mr. Li. Not much else, but still useful. – Glen

aliasAlias – 2/3
I like the inexpensive breakers and you can certainly build a good runner deck while ignoring the remote servers. Problem with this is it tells the Corp that you are going to ignore them. You need to put a least 1 AI breaker like Crypsis in there to keep the Corp Honest, like that’ll ever happen. – Glen

breachBreach – 2/3
See Alias. – Glen

bugBug – 1/3
Too expensive for the info. – Glen

gingerbreadGingerbread – 1/3
Not versatile enough. Most tracers are sentries and Criminal already has the best Killers. – Glen

grappling-hookGrappling Hook – 2/3
Great early to prevent major damage. Likely best used face check while not breaking the end the run subroutine to escape unscathed. – Glen

passportPassport – 2/3
See Alias. – Glen

push-your-luckPush Your Luck – 0/3
If this card were free, you could break even in the long run. What a waste of a click and a card slot. – Glen

security-testingSecurity Testing – 1/3
If this works with Feint, it is playable. Have to check the FAQ first though as I suspect it doesn’t. – Glen

theophilius-bagbiterTheophilius Bagbiter – 1/3
Someone will have to show me why this costs 3, cause I wouldn’t play it for minus 3 in any deck. – Glen

trimaf-contactTri-Maf Contact – 1/3
Really dangerous card with limited upside. – Glen

mass-installMass Install – 1/3
The best use for this is a big surprise install right before a big run. Too bad you’ll be out of credits by then. – Glen

qcoherence-chipQ-Coherence Chip – 3/3
The zero cost, zero influence memory chip. This won’t cause you a problem with memory as the program is already trashed before the memory chip. Be careful having more than 1 of these installed though. – Glen

overmindOvermind – 1/3
Seems really expensive for a limited use program. – Glen

oracle-mayOracle May – 3/3
Finally a use for Dave’s fave Shaper Resource – Motivation. Also good with Test Run. 1 influence is still palatable. – Glen

donut-taganesDonut – Taganes – 0/3
Does the corp ever use more operations than the runner uses events? Nope! And it costs 3 to install and 2 influence. And it doesn’t stack. Awful. – Glen

2 thoughts on “Honor and Profit: In Depth

  1. Enjoyed your review. But I have to disagree on a couple of your assessments. Tri-Maf Contact isn’t as bad as it seems at first glance. It definitely has a risk involved. But it’s not unique. That’s pretty awesome in of itself. Because you can have out more than 1 and be “Magnum Opusing” each turn. The 3 damage is the price you pay for saving 2 MU.
    Overmind is a 2/3 easily. Run it with Deep Red and you can break all day long.
    Mushin No Shin…..I’m not sure how I feel about this card. He’s a little frustrating. You play him as a trap and the runner doesn’t run him. He seems to work the best when you have an ice in hand that the runner has no breaker for. Play him, then the ice. Score the Agenda next turn. I just can’t get any traps to land with him. :/
    Thanks for the review. Enjoyed it as always!

    • If you have 2 Tri-Maf Contracts out and you get tagged, you could flatline with a full hand. Great benefit but you really have to protect. My meta is heavy tagging/meat damage which makes me nervous to play.
      I love your idea running Overmind with Deep Red – gives lots of tokens. Hadn’t thought of that – assumed something that is wrong – great thinking.
      Mushin No Shin is definitely a useful card, but you are correct that it is not great against a runner who has good luck guessing right. Will used it to great effect to install and make it look like a Project Junebug, then scores a Mandatory Upgrades the following turn. Once the corp scores a MU, the game is all but over.
      Thanks for writing in again fourwallz. We all love to hear from our listeners.

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