Episode 20 of Agenda7 is Now Online


We discuss our favourite cards from Double Time, discuss NOT using all types of ICE in your deck, and do a top 10 list of dirty Netrunner cards and terms. We also discuss a whole weekend of  tournaments – what we learned and how we did.

Podcast 20 includes:
1 – Tournament weekend at 401 Games and Nexus Games
2 – Top 5/4 cards from Double Time
3 – Top 10 Dirty Netrunner Card Names and Terms
4 – ICE – do you really need all types in a corp deck?
5 – Acknowledgements & contact

We hope you get something useful out of it. (The top 10 list of dirty Netrunner cards is especially immature – we’d like to hear your submissions!)

Direct download for episode 20 is:

8 thoughts on “Episode 20 of Agenda7 is Now Online

  1. Howdy guys! Glad to see the microphones are all in working order this time around. Was great hearing everyone.

    Also, while I know there’s not a lot of favor for Shinobi, it did flatline me last Wednesday. I was running a remote and the guy playing NBN rezzed an RSVP that I couldn’t break. I mulled it over, thought to myself, “Oh, why not, I’ve got 5 cards in hand and clicks left to shake tags if i land ’em.” So I keep going and he rezzed Shinobi.

    My following two plays were 1) Facepalm and then 2) Head drops to playmat.

    It was complete user-error on my part, but also probably one of the funnier moments I had while playing the game.

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