Agenda7 is Packing it in – So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

end times dolphins55mdIt was a tough decision, but Agenda7 is shutting its podcasting down.

We’ve all enjoyed playing Netrunner since August, 2012, but because of our many, many other interests, we can’t maintain the schedule. If you’re interested in why, read on – otherwise, so long and thanks for all the fish.

1 – Time. Our podcast takes a lot of time to research, play, record and edit. Often this means deckbuilding and playing with cards you would normally rarely use. You need to have an informed opinion, or you’re just making stuff up and crossing your fingers that you were right. The three of us agreed that this one (fantastic) game was taking up a full 50% or more of our gaming time. – ironically, often, not playing it.

Then there’s the social media aspect of it. I had no idea how much time Facebook, Twitter and email interactions would add to the ‘casts workload. Fair warning to other wannabe podcasters – social media and listener emails take up a lot of time, and if you don’t have it, or don’t care, don’t pretend to want feedback. We loved and responded to 99% of every piece of listener feedback we got – that’s why we announce some names at the end of each show. We love you guys, and thanks for doing it.

2 – Burnout. You can play a game too much, and it may begin to lose its excitement. After many store championships this spring, we all felt the need to take a rest from the game. Then Honor and Profit came out. What to do now? Without the passion, you shouldn’t be podcasting about Netrunner – you owe it to your listeners, wouldn’t you agree? Which leads to the next concern.

3 – Fun. We will continue to play, and collect everything – I have no doubt. Without the need to be taking notes and doing research, more ‘fun’ will come back into the game for us. Believe it or not, I actually feel a little twinge of stress or guilt whenever I can’t answer a listener email, or take too long between acknowledging tweets. What’s up with that? That’s not fun – it’s worry!

So what now? Agenda7 is not going away, although the new podcasts will be. We’ll see you on the forums. We’ll see you on OCTGN. We’ll still make videos. In fact, I expect the video aspect of Agenda7 to take off. And we’ll still be writing articles, and doing interviews whenever we can, but the regular podcasts are going the way of  Exploratory Romp and Burke Bugs.

Thank-you to everyone for a great time! We enjoyed it – and we hope you got something useful out of it.

Remember to drink more Red Bull, listen to more drum and bass, and we will see you ONLINE.

Podcast 01 has Been Remastered

Jeff Ross (Visual Approximation)

Jeff Ross (Visual Approximation)

Good news going forward – thanks to audio ninja Jeff Ross – episode 01 of Agenda7 has been remastered to higher volume levels and more centralized stereo playback. No need to crank it to hear it.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. And thanks to Jeff for his time.