16 Agenda7 Podcast – Turn Planning, Drafting & Second Thoughts

The latest episode of Agenda7 is now online. Probably our last one for 2013.

It’s a long podcast, but we cover a lot – what happened at Worlds in Minnesota, cards 21-40 of the Spin Cycle, the introduction to drafting that was revealed last month, and the strategies behind turn planning in Netrunner. Turn planning – what separates good players from average ones.

bankjob__netrunner_by_el_grimlock-d61y95aPodcast 16 includes:
1 – Data Token review from Team Covenant
2 – Go7 Gaming Card Organizer and Action Token review
3 – Top 5/4 cards from Second Thoughts
4 – Drafting Netrunner!
5 – Turn planning strategies
6 – Acknowledgment & contact

Episode 16 was recorded November 30th, and is available on Libsyn.com.

Agenda7 is also available on iTunes. Leave a comment there if you like the show. Or don’t. Check out our RSS feed on the left hand menu, and you’ll never miss another pun by Glen ever again! We’re happy to say that every episode of Agenda7 has now been uploaded to Libsyn.com, and we’re slowly uploading them to YouTube as well. I don’t see the point so much on YouTube, but people tell me it’s a thing, so I do it.

Show links:
Super cool Team Covenant Data Tokens
Go7 Gaming’s awesome Card Organizers and Premium Tokens.
Check out Go7’s Kickstarter campaign here!

Direct download link: 16 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast