03 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

Hey everyone – episode 03 of Agenda7 is now online. Agenda7 is an Android: Netrunner podcast for people interested in playing the LCG card game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Podcast 03 of Agenda7 includes:
1 – Glen’s Inside Job retraction
2 – Some cards from Cyber Exodus
3 – FFG’s 2012 Worlds A:NR tournament
4 – Talk 5/4 cards
5 – How to cheat in Netrunner
6 – Acknowledgements & how to contact us

Episode 03 was recorded on Nov.24th, 2012. The FFG Worlds tournament was 3 weeks ago, and we couldn’t help but gossip about the whacky card playing during the Netrunner tournament.

This lead to a related, but not inferential discussion, about how to cheat in Netrunner. Would love to know how you track actions during your games too.

Agenda7’s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or send us an email at: agenda7podcast@gmail.com. We hope you like it!

Direct download link: 03 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

13 thoughts on “03 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

  1. I personally like HB because of the good identity power and the flexibility of the rest of the faction. You have Archived memories (to get back a trashed card, replay a good card, or any other reason), Biotic Labour (fast advance agenda’s, triple play Scorched Earth) and best access to money generating cards (Adonis campaign), all this offset the “weaker” ice.

    Also, HB ice have the most sub routines, meaning they are more expensive to break with credits in late game. The click to break is mitigated by stacking slightly deeper servers with 2 or 3 pieces of HB ICE.

  2. Great show, but I think I have another correction for you. You guys kept referring to the maximum number of times you can score an agenda, but page 14 in the rule book says that there is no limit. I realize that none of the current agendas have a bonus for going over, maybe I want to advance my breaking news to make it look like a priority requisition while i’m actually advancing a priority requisition. I could also advance something farther to sell a late game ambush.

    • Thanks for the comment Jerimiah. Glen and I are both pretty clear on that though – you can advance an agenda as much as you want really, and delay scoring as long as you want to. I’m sure this will be a bigger bluff in the game with infinitely advanceable agendas in the future.

      What I’m wondering is – if I steal an agenda from a corp server that’s been advanced variably, how many agenda points do I get? Base amount, or all of the corp’s advancements too.

  3. One good way to keep track of actions is to lay out advancement tokens on your action card instead of using the click token. Whenever you want to take an action, just pick up the advancement token and declare what you’re doing with that action. That way both you and your opponent can visually see how many tokens you have left sitting there.

    • Not a bad idea. My problem is accidentally moving or spinning the damn card whenever I slide the counter. Flipping would be better I think, so I will give it a try – thanks!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for a great podcast!

    We use glass beads, 4 red ones for the runner and 3 blue for the corp, and put them on the action cards just like Witti said.

    Whenever we take actions we pick up a bead and put it “where the action is”.

    If you draw a card, you place your bead next to your deck. If you take a credit, you put it next to the credit pool/bank. If you run, you put it in front of the server where you are running. If you install a card you put a bead on the installed card. E.t.c.

    This way, not only does it force you keep very good track of the clicks, and make it very clear to your opponent how many actions you are spending, but it is also really good to backtrack in case there is some kind of confusion. “Hey, what did you do with your actions?”, “Well lets see, it seems I took one card, and installed this and this.”


    – Björn

  5. As far as cheating goes, make your corp opponent flip over unexposed cards at the end of the game to prevent misinstalled cards.

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