04 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

GITS-300Episode 04 of Agenda7 is now online. Agenda7 is an Android: Netrunner podcast for people interested in playing the LCG card game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Podcast 04 includes:
1 – Card by card analysis of What Lies Ahead
3 – Best and worst card art and text
4 – Acknowledgements and action tracking

Episode 04 was recorded on Dec.16th, 2012. The first Data Pack of the Genesis Cycle (cards 1-20) was just released, so we discuss it on a fairly broad level.

Glen and I also discuss our favourites likes and dislikes of the things that don’t matter – card art and flavour text. We’d like to know what your favourite cards are, or the cards you hate. Functionally too – what cards do you find least useful?

Agenda7’s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or send us an email at: agenda7podcast@gmail.com. We hope you like it!

Direct download link: 04 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

13 thoughts on “04 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

  1. Well done as usual. I’m surprised that you guys didn’t talk about the spoilers for a study in static. I think that it would have changed how you feel about Janus. Also, at one point, the music cut back into the feed while you were talking.

    • Thanks for the comments Greg. That damn music – usually I listen to the whole edit afterwards, but this one time I didn’t! It has since been fixed and reuploaded.

      The show was running long as is, so nothing too far forward got mentioned. I even edited out the commercial. Thanks again man.

  2. So, the Keymaster is another pop culture reference, in this case, for Ghostbuster’s (remember, the big dogs on the roof?).

    Interesting analysis on the Cadeceus, though you didn’t mention the obvious use of getting the bits on the first trace that you can directly funnel into the second trace in order to ensure an End the Run (at least early on).

    The carapace is probably still the biggest card in the whole set I think, just because it is a neutral card that answers Scorched Earth. It’s no Armored Fridge, but it’s close, and more importantly it’s a decent answer!

    RE: Imp – it could be worse : http://www.netrunneronline.com/images/cards/200/netrunner-imp.jpg

    Netshield is solidly the worst card for runners, I agree.

    I’m working with a local store in Dallas/Ft. Worth to get a Netrunner tournament in January sometime at Roll2Play in Coppell, TX.

    Another good cast. Thanks!

    • Oh man – I just Googled “keymaster” and the dogs and rooftop for GBs was the first thing that popped up. Good work Abed – I mean runnerserax. And thanks for the old Imp link – I remember that card now! Goofy.

      • Also, the full name of the card ZU.13 Key Master. ZU.13 = ZULE = Zuul.

        Just started playing the game recently so I’m listening to the previous episodes. Great stuff!

  3. A minor nit: Rototurret is the only Haas-Bioroid ICE that doesn’t have the “spend click to break” effect, but that’s because it’s not actually a bioroid and doesn’t have the bioroid type. So H-B: Stronger Together won’t give it +1 strength.

  4. Wow – Big disagreement with almost all of your opinions:
    1. Keymaster – good mu saving for minor efficiency drop. Good card (and the dog is a Ghostbuster reference FYI).
    2. Whizzard – until Anarch faction can make a better non-virus themed deck, Noise is gonna be tops
    3. Imp – pocket Whizzard on steroids. Versatile, threatens scorched in HQ, deals with pads and sansan, eaten by aesops when done. Just play when needed! 😉
    4. Morning star – Corroder is much cheaper and more efficient early game in cost and MU. Might find a place in non-virus builds later, expensive to splash.
    5. Mandatory Upgrades – not the best card in the set. See Project Atlas…
    6. Multiple imps? Corp Virus scan…
    7. Spinal modem – stick it in trace resistant shaper…
    8. Grimoire made for whizzard? Er – more Noise synergy actually.
    9. TMI – not great. Best in NBN, and only good when you have an economic advantage. Um. But you need reliable etr ice to stop the runner breaking your money maker assets… doesn’t seem right at the mo for NBN.
    10. Cortez – looking at an early game credit denial strat in criminal. Forged activations, Cortez, Account siphon, Vamp (soon to come) etc.
    11. Peacock – fine to save OOF influence costs.
    12. Draco – stops the run if the trace works. Not good against repeated runs, so only mainly for HQ and R&D unless you have loads of cash… which is likely to be mid to late game if things are going well for you!
    13. Plascrete – given Weyland’s power at the mo, it seems a necessary evil unless you are playing crim or splashing enough decoys.

    • Thanks for your comments Redking. We actually don’t disagree too much.

      1 – Keymaster – ( I get the Ghost Busters ref. now) is not a bad card, but why would I use it in a Shaper deck that has no prob. with MU to begin with? Also, its efficiency is +1 S for this ICE, not the entire run like Gordian Blade. Also – I’m not fond of the precondition to its savings in the first place. If it’s not replacing Gordian Blade in your deck, how many DECODERs are ou going to put in your deck?

      2 – Whizzard – agreed. I’ve played Whizzard many times now and used his recurring 3 creds not nearly as much as I thought.

      3 – Imp – love it. We’re not disagreeing here.

      4 – Morning Star – we agree on this – better late game card.

      5 – Mandatory Upgrades – this is an awesome card. Period. If you’re not playing HB though… not so much. I’ve scored Mandatory Upgrades so many times now – its ability to allow HB to install and score Accelerated Beta Test in one turn, kills runner morale.

      6 – Multiple Imps is silly for the reason you list. Besides, you shouldn’t be replaying it unless you’re overwriting another IMP anyway to save MU. They don’t just go away otherwise!

      7 – Spinal Modem – good point. Reckless for Anarch right now, but good for Shaper boost. Double the cost re:Cyberfeeder, but at half the cards. That’s good and bad.

      8 – Grim – Whizzard? – If I said that, it’s a mispeak. I remember saying IMP and Whizzard being good, but not Grim. Agreed.

      9 – TMI – agreed. Good early on as a surprise, but you’d better be financially superior.

      10 – Cortez Chip – agreed – I like your strat. Costs 0, but you trash a card on the off chance that corp wants to rez something that 1 turn. What if they don’t? You’d better know what it is.

      11 – Peacock – agreed. Glen and I mention it fills the Crminal DECODER gap. But lord – at what cost! Hoping they get something more standard, but maybe Code Gates will be their achilles heal?

      12 – Draco – cash sensitive card for the corp. Great NBN Sentry with their current ID though. Remember, you don’t have to rez it until you can make it useful. Seen decent results in playtesting around here.

      13 – Plascrete – agreed. People love to splash Scorched Earth, so runners should happily splash Plascrete Carapace. Having 1 of these in front of me makes me feel comfortable, and pisses off any corp who splashed SE at such a large influence cost.

      See Redking, we’re not in so much disagreement! Thanks for the useful input – glad to hear from the UK!

  5. Good cast again! I’m happy to hear that you keep up your high standard!
    As I’m a big fan of NBN here’s a little comment on their new agenda “Restructured Datapool”: As this is a 3-point-agenda it is oil on the fire of my “maximum deck size, minimum number of agenda cards” strategy. This really lessens the threat level of R&D runs 😀
    Greetings from Munich, Germany!!

  6. The flavor text on Viktor is a reference to Wargames. “Would you like to play a game? Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War.”

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