02 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

Agenda7 is an Android: Netrunner Podcast for people who enjoy playing the LCG game by Fantasy Flight Games. Brought to you by the Netrunner News Network.

Podcast 02 of Agenda7 covers:
1 – Thank-you for your feedback.
2 – What you might want to play.
3 – Talk 5/4 cards.
4 – Corporate & Runner assets we hate.
5 – Deckbuilding 101 (there will be much more on this in the future)
6 – Contact us.

Podcast 02 was recorded on October 28th, 2012. By the time we recorded this, registration for the World’s in Minnesota was closing, so we didn’t mention it. Glen’s thoughts on his most hated Runner cards are interesting – why not have a cold frosty bass and give it a listen?

Agenda7′s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, leave an iTunes review. You can leave a comment here, or send us an email at: agenda7podcast@gmail.com We hope you like it.

Direct download link: 02 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

13 thoughts on “02 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast is Online

  1. I greatly enjoyed your second installment. The production quality seemed better, the chemistry between the two of you was strong, and overall it was an enjoyable listen. Thanks for investing the time and effort into this!

  2. This one was better for sure. Could go without the dammit to leave you a review on iTunes though. Not very professional. Also should consider more than just two of you.

  3. Job well done. Looking forward to episode 3!
    One thing: Unrezzed piece of ice does not protect the Corp from INSIDE JOB because the Runner simply doesn’t encounter such a piece of ice.
    INSIDE JOB allows the Runner to bypass the first piece of ice ENCOUNTERED (not approached) during that run.

    • Thanks for listening guys – glad everyone’s volume levels are up!
      Yes – Mr. Jones is incorrect about the interaction between Inside Job and unrezzed ICE. Still a scary card though…

  4. I’m also enjoying the podcast and am psyched for episode 3. Perhaps you can squeeze in one more episode before the release of “What Lies Ahead”?

    Also, can you please be consistent with the capitalisation of your files? It’s important for sorting on systems with case-sensitive filesystems (like GNU/Linux).

  5. love the show so far. just a clarification, datasucker requires you to spend the hosted virus counter to get the benefit. It doesn’t always provide the benefit just because its on the card.

    • Thanks for the thumbs up Koshea. Oh believe me, we know how to use Datasucker – I guess we didn’t say enough about its usage. I really hate to see those counters pile up.

      Q for Koshea: If you have 2 Datasuckers in play, do you accumulate counters on both?

      • Absolutely, it meets the requirements for each one and the card isn’t unique so perfectly legal to have more than one in play.

        Just sounded like you were looking at it like I did when I first saw it, and many people I’ve seen since then have done the same. The “Hosted Virus Counter:” was the cost of paid ability, not a constant as long as the counters are on the card (Can you imagine if JinTeki could end every run for the rest of the game after the first time they score a Nisei Mk II?)

        For future content, I’d love to see you start breaking down the factions one by one and cover some specifics.

        Things like
        What the strengths are and how to use them to your advantage (via deckbuilding or even just what you can expect people to believe about your deck just from the identity card and how to use that to your advantage when you surprise them)
        What it lacks and how to play around that (via influence, things to focus on while deckbuilding, things to focus on while playing)
        How you want to deal with each of the opposing factions
        How to handle what each opposing factions will try to do to you

        For example one tip that will help people play NBN better is not to forget when a runner is tagged you can trash his resources. Most of the big ways to gain lots of cash in the game are resources and for example it’s totally worth spending the action and 2 credits to trash an Armitage Codebreaker with 6-8 credits left on it. Trashing an Aesop’s Pawnshop will really slow down the cash flow of a Shaper. Ice Carver’s are pretty devastating and getting rid of Crash Spaces will help you keep them tagged longer.

        People expect the cards to be how you take advantage of the tags, and there are lots of cards that NBN has that do press the advantage, but don’t forget or underestimate the basic trash a resource action NBN has access too.

  6. Thanks Koshea – great ideas. You can bet we’ll be breaking down factions into little tiny bits soon. I think we’re going to see trace/trashing getting more attention in the near future. That’s good in my opinion, because really, it doesn’t seem like much of a threat now, and Corporate players need another way to win, and therefore tech a deck.

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