Two Store Championships in a Weekend

All three of us went to store championships in Southern Ontario this weekend:
1 – 401 Games in downtown Toronto
2 – Nexus Games in downtown Kingston

Attendance was good at both events – 56 in Toronto, and 14 in Kingston. In Toronto, Sungho Lee won in the final match against Dien Tran, while in Kingston, Dien Tran took first after 4 rounds of Swiss play, with Kaiwen Zhang coming in second. Unfortunately we never made top 4 in either event, but Will did make top 8 in Toronto.

Many thanks to 401 Games and Nexus Games for well run tournaments. Below are some photos from the events at 401 Games. Game videos are up on our YouTube Channel.
Game 1  –  Game2





6 thoughts on “Two Store Championships in a Weekend

    • Thanks Kaiwen. Great seeing you again.
      Top photo is Dien. 2nd is Sungho (photographed by Kaiwen). Third picture (clockwise from Dien):
      Our own Will Hatton, Victor, Colman and some middle aged white guy.

  1. Big shout outs to Victor at 401 and Scott at Nexus for organizing these great tourneys. Lots of fun gentlemen.
    Congrats to Sungho and Dien for their wins. You are such great guys, I can’t even hate you for kicking my ass.

  2. Thanks for the podcast, gents. Also, in future, might it be possible to narrate over the games posted to YouTube? I’m a NR noob and can’t tell what’s going on. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the strategies of the players.

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