19 Agenda7 Podcast – Fear & Loathing and Strategies

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Episode 19 of Agenda7 is now online: with more announcements from FFG, a top 5/4 discussion of Fear and Loathing (cards 81-100 of the Spin Cycle), and two strategy discussions: scoring 5/3 agendas; and coping with Account Siphon.

Podcast 19 includes:
1 – News from FFG
2 – Top 5/4 Fear and Loathing cards
3 – Spin Cycle observations
4 – Strategy: Scoring 5/3 agendas
5 – Strategy: Coping with Account Siphon
6 – Contact & acknowledgements

This is our contribution to the Netrunner gaming community – we hope you get something useful out of it.

Direct download for episode 19 is:

8 thoughts on “19 Agenda7 Podcast – Fear & Loathing and Strategies

  1. Hey guys, great show!

    One response to the question, “where are the Queen and King Caissa programs?” One of you said, “Maybe Reina’s the queen.” Welp, spot on! “Reina Roja” means “Red Queen” in Spanish. That’s why she’s on the Queen’s Gambit card.

    As for the King, I’ve heard folks say that “Deep Red” is the King. I’ve heard other folks say that Lukas and Damon have stated that there will be no King card. Makes sense when you think about it, as the King is the most useless piece in Chess, only there to be defended.

      • Deep red is the king, if you look at the picture of the card, on the console is the king image from a chess set

      • Greg,
        You have good eyesight. I never even noticed the chess piece there. At my age, I still can’t determine if it’s a king or queen, but I bow to your keen sense of observation.

  2. Howdy gentlemen–love the podcast and have been subscribing for some time. I guess there are times where ya’ll are my “drive time” radio…especially when I’m stuck in traffic.

    My only critique is that there is one of the hosts (I’m not sure which one…I’ve kind of mentally declared him “the third guy”) is a bit difficult to hear. He was making some really good points on this podcast, but I felt like I had to turn the volume up for the times he was speaking and then turn the volume down when the other hosts were doing their parts. I’m not sure if you all are sharing mics or if it’s way the recording is getting picked up, but I’d love to be able to hear everyone at the same volume.

    (of course if I’m crazy and you all hear everything at the same sound level, feel free to disregard…though I don’t think I’m that crazy)

    Also, whoever is a fan of TFC must be excited for the new season. Bradley and Defoe are no joke! As I am a DC United fan, it’s a bit difficult to get excited for a new season 🙂

    Keep up the good work,


    • Thanks for the input, Anthony. We noticed part way through the podcast that the mic was reversed, but left it that way. It definitely made a difference on my voice. Dave noticed it right away during the editing, but too late.
      Dave is the original football fan. I love the new fangled American football. Will is the one with the foot fetish.

  3. Thanks for the episode.

    FFG should be very careful with adding any more NEXT ice. I can see your point because it seems only natural we would get Silver and Gold, but the effect of Bronze is really strong. Imagine you inculde 9 pieces of NEXT ice in your deck. It’s not that unreasobale to have 5 of them out. Suddenly your Bronze is a 2 cost hard ETR with stregth 5. And that wouldn’t even account for the effects of the other two ice.
    I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but future pieces of NEXT ice might have some caveats. For example Silver being unique and Gold limited to one per deck. Or they’d need to be very expensive. I don’t know.

    • Good point. Perhaps the other NEXT ice would have a different ability instead of raising strength, like having a lower rez cost. But that would still mean NEXT Bronze would be very strong. Both great early and late in the game.

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