14 Agenda7 Podcast – Will Hatton, & Opening Moves

Episode 14 of Agenda7 is now online.

On Sunday Aug.25th, Agenda7 held its first ever Peterborough Netrunner tournament. We interview the winner – Will Hattton – and discuss the strategies and ideas behind his decks. Will joins us as a co-host for the rest of the podcast to discuss the top 5/4 cards from Opening Moves – cards 1-20 of the 2nd Data Cycle: Spin Cycle.

jbebggfjPodcast 14 includes:
1 – Interview with Agenda7 Tournament winner Will Hatton
2 – A little bit about GenCon 2013
3 – Top 5/4 Runner cards in Opening Moves
4 – Top 5/4 Corporate cards in Opening Moves
5 – Acknowledgements & contact

Episode 14 was recorded on September 2nd, 2013 and is available on Libsyn.com.

Agenda7′s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or on our facebook page. Many thanks to Matt Nott for reviewing the show. We hope you get something useful out of it.
– Dave

Direct download link: 14 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

Will Hatton’s decks are published on his Decks of the Winners page here: https://agendaseven.wordpress.com/decks-of-the-winners-will-hatton-2013/

michaels-tshirtsThe link to Michael Smyjewski’s Runner t-shirt for sale is: http://running.bigcartel.com/

12 thoughts on “14 Agenda7 Podcast – Will Hatton, & Opening Moves

  1. Re: Motivation being a useless or weak card, wouldn’t it be a cheap helper card for Criminals running Mr. Li? I’ve been in several situations where I’ve drawn cards with Mr. Li and ended up with two essential cards and having to make hard decisions about which card to send to the bottom of the Stack. If I’m forewarned that the top card is useful I might ignore Mr. Li and simply click to draw as normal. On the other hand, if I know the top card is useless I’m going to use Mr. Li to dig for something better. Just a thought.

    • I’m totally in agreement Rune. An excellent use for MOTIVATION. I don’t see how its installation can hurt in any way.
      – Dave

      • It’s not the installation that hurts, its the use of deck space. That’s a pretty narrow use, and you could’ve included something with a lot more playability instead.

        If you look at your top card, and you don’t want it… so what? Are you going to stop drawing for the rest of the game? It takes deck space + a click to install, for something you shouldn’t be concerned with. The reason you draw cards is because you’re looking for tools. If the revealed card is something you want? Cool. If it’s not, well, you still need to draw past it to get to what you DO want. In both situations the only thing Motivation did was take a click, and reveal something you were gonna have to draw anyways.

      • Yup. Not gonna debate MOTIVATION too much, because it’s not in anyway an essential card. I have playtested it however, and found its ability useful. It’s almost like having a hand that’s size 6.

  2. The national here in Spain took place last saturday. It was tons of fun. I met awesome people and we all got a promo Private Security Force which is very cool.
    We were 46 players and I managed to become the 16th and won some click tokens. A guy took 14 credits from me in just one turn by playing 3 account siphons (I won that match anyway) and in another match I stopped a run with pop-up window, hahaha.
    Hasmad won the torunament, you can find his HB and Andromeda lists in cardgamedb:

  3. Motivation really isn’t a good card. You want to draw all the time anyway, especially since burst economy is a lot better than click economy right now. Even if it’s a bad card, you kinda want to draw it to be able to draw your good cards.
    And Masanori isn’t useless at all 😉

    Jackson Howard is fantatstic. It’s the best card the corps got in a Datapack since like… ever? The card draw is atually really useful as well contrary to the earlier meta, because as the corp you have to find a way to keep up wih the tempo of the runner AND it’s a middle finger for Noise. This card is effin awesome.

    Overall this is the first pack in a long time that favours corps over runners and I can’t overstate how important this is. I am happy FFG seems to know that as well.

  4. Hey guys, another great podcast, as usual!

    Regarding Motivation, one place I have found it could be useful is if you’re running Exile with Self-Modifying Code and Clone Chip. In the middle of a run, if you need Self-Modifying Code to get a program from your Heap, and you draw the program you need because of Exile’s ability, you can no longer search for it using Self-Modifying Code. I’ve run into this situation where I ran early and used a Clone Chip to get back to a Self-Modifying Code in order to grab a program I needed, and I’d draw the program. It’s unlikely, but if you knew about it, you could potentially avoid the situation. I think we will see some other interesting uses for Motivation in decks that use a lot of cards that end up shuffling the Stack, too.

    My first thought with John Masanori was how great it would work with Data Leak Reversal. There’s now a reliable, reusable way for the Runner to tag themselves during their turn. If you combine it with Snitch, you don’t have to suffer the effects of the ICE. If you also use Crash Space, you get recurring credits to remove the tag. Hostage now allows you to search for John Masanori, which might make it faster, although you still need to draw into Data Leak Reversal naturally. Either way, I’m very curious to see if this will be at all viable, but I’m sure it’ll at least be fun.

    Himitsu Bako strikes me as very interesting because by recalling it into your hand, you trash anything hosted on it as well. As the Caissa programs get more numerous and people start using them more, you can use Himitsu Bako as a way of limiting where the Caissas can go, threatening to instantly trash them if they end their movement on a Himitsu Bako. Also, when Unorthodox Predictions comes out (3/1 Jinteki agenda that allows the Corporation to choose sentry, barrier, or code gate and doesn’t allow that type to be broken on the Runner’s next turn), combining Himitsu Bako with Midori could potentially create some interesting situations where you shift the ICE to prevent runs on almost any server.

  5. All that time spent on the currently pointless Motivation, and immediate disregard for Masanori? What? Masanori actually GAINS you cards, whereas Motivation lets you look at one. That’s a huge difference.

    I can understand that the potential for taking a tag is a bit much for some people’s personal tastes, but it at least requires discussion. Even if you are afraid of tags, you can drop Masanori in the mid-game once you’ve got a good idea of what servers you can and cannot hit, then you’ve got a consistent draw engine up and running for essentially nothing.

    • Excellent points Dante – and true. Card draw is something we don’t discuss enough, and John has been included in our decks more than Motivation. We’re hoping to discuss this in the near future.

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