09 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

Episode 09 of Agenda7 is online!

Top 5/4 cards for Study in Static (Genesis cards 61-80) are discussed – and the choices will surprise you. Then it’s on to how well Cyber Exodus performed for us – what worked for us and what didn’t.

ep09-300Podcast 09 includes:
1 – Top 5/4 cards from Study in Static
2 – Thoughts on Cyber Exodus cards so far
3 – Acknowledgements and contact

Episode 09 was recorded on Apr.7th, 2013. The Agenda7 Netrunner podcast is mirrored on CARDGAMEDB.COM.

Agenda7’s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or on our facebook page. Many thanks to Matt Nott for reviewing the show. We hope you like it!

Direct download link: 09 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast


26 thoughts on “09 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

  1. Thanks for the episode – generally enjoyable, but you make some incorrect assumptions about some cards, you should make sure that you check the rulings on the cards at BGG before you do a show:

    Matrix analyser & Weyland because we built it do not interact at all (can’t use the credit for MA, as its not an advance action).

    False lead can only be used to make a runner lose EXACTLY 2 clicks, not just 1 click, making it far less useful. (from a question asked to Lucas)

    Personal Workshop is being used (most successfully) in Anarch noise decks.

    • Glen’s using it correctly as long as he only advances ice with it. I don’t see a problem. If MA lets you pay a credit to advance anything, and BWBI gives you a credit to advance ICE, then the two are compatible.
      Yes – I read the False Lead Lukas answer yesterday, after recording, and forwarded it to Glen. He was not happy about it even though the wording with FFG is pretty consistent. It’s too late to change.

      • You’re assumption is incorrect. MA specifically states “you may pay 1 [Credits] to place 1 advancement token on a card” the emphasis is on “to place” which is not an actual advancing action. BWBI can only be used as part of an advancing action which MA does not provide.

    • Thanks man – read it. I hate that I have to parse language to play a game – bloody irritating. But thank-you.

  2. Nice episode guys.
    Just one thing: Personal Workshop get’s splashed in Noise decks – A LOT. It basically allows you to spam viruses that you draw with Wyldside and install Parasites mid-run.
    Workshop Noise is probably one of the most annoying things you can face as a corp and he’s not really fun to play against.

  3. It’s true eh. Not fun at all. If a game comes down to my archetype vs your archetype, the game is weakened.

    • Jesus Phil – I just googled Netrunomicon and saw your cast on iTunes. Sorry man! I can’t keep up.

      I will have a listen tonight. 🙂 Thanks eh.

      • 🙂 No worries at all!

        I really appreciate what you guys do on your cast and I always look forward to a new episode! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey guys, I’ve just finished listening to all episodes that you’ve posted so far and I have to say that it’s a good, solid podcast. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi guys. I’m a big fan of your podcast — I love Netrunner, and your analysis of individual cards and use cases is really interesting. Thanks for putting this out there!

    However, I do think you could improve the audio by using normalization/compression. While listening to this episode last night in my apartment, I found I had to turn the volume up to hear your voices clearly — but when the music came on, it was much louder and I was scrambling for the volume control so as not to disturb the neighbors. Even just while you’re talking, your volume can be really spiky, which can make it difficult to listen comfortably.

    You can fix this by normalizing and compressing your audio. Here’s a tutorial that will show you how to do this in Audacity:

    (Equalization is good, but not as important — you can skip to the 7-minute mark to just see the compression part of the tutorial).

    You can also make things easier on yourself (and your hosting provider) by distributing the podcast as a Mono file instead of Stereo — Mono is pretty standard for podcasts, especially ones that don’t feature a “room presence”.

    Thanks again for the great podcast!

    • Wow – thanks Joe. Guess I’m not using the controls properly. I found that MONO and STEREO files were almost the same size. Thanks for the vid – trying hard to keep audio quality high.

  6. I really like the podcasts but I would hope a little bit of “professionalism”. There are sometimes rule mistakes and some card ratings/reviews are quite weird. Also I don’t know if you play only with your friends and that might affect how you see the game. I would encourage to look OCTGN and BGG discussion to see how the world metagame looks (like Personal Workshop is the card to splash to anarchs).

    • Thanks for the feedback aHein – I appreciate it! And I sincerely want you to know that the following has all been typed politely, and is not a rant or angry in ANY way.

      These are interesting points, and ones that I want to discuss head-on. Glen and I speak our minds and don’t let BGG and OCTGN decide what we think. Period. Just like no one should listen to Agenda7 and do exactly as we say. You mention a good point – our ratings on cards are sometimes different from (majority?) public opinion – that’s our contribution to the conversation. Thank god we’re not parroting the same facts you can read everywhere.

      And of course we play to our local meta. 95% of the games we play are with our friends in the area (not just Gen and I) and the numbers are growing slowly.

      I was just at a Regional in Syracuse yesterday where I made the top 8 (out of 22) playing against good players who didn’t give a damn about what the trends were. There were no NOISE/PERSONAL WORKSHOP decks there. None. And if I missed one, well, it never made the finals. Everybody was talking about Jinteki shell and Noise spam decks, but nobody wanted to play them – they wanted to play something different – and good on them. There were even NBN decks there! 🙂

      The whole world doesn’t go to BGG for answers – scouring posts looking for card rulings. Glen and I talked errantly about False Lead and Matrix Analyzer which were covered on BGG. We’ll recind those in the next episode – but they made perfect sense to us. But for now there’s no official FAQ for a lot of questions people have on cards. Just BGG threads, buried, in a fan forum. The official word on MA and Weyland may actually be different when the next FAQ comes out. Because they discussed it and realized they should be relevant with each other – who knows?

      It’s ok to be wrong occasionally in a podcast. (And in other things in life, btw). If it was an official FFG podcast I would expect better – but it’s not. And it’s no more professional or official than a posting on the internet in one of the bazillion forums that exist. I’m ok with being told I’m crazy about my thoughts on a card. I’m ok with occasionally being wrong and discussing that later too.

      Thank-you for your feedback aHein. I like criticism. It’s why we have Matt on our review “staff”. But I especially like that you wrote in. We had a record 3200+ downloads for our last episode (08), but only 25 comments. That’s 7/10ths of 1%.! 🙂 We still don’t have enough reviews on iTunes to have a star rating! The only comment that’s registered there says “I haven’t listened to your podcast yet, but I like the idea of one”.

      aHein for the win. And yes, I’ll google more card rulings in the future.
      – Dave

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean my post in too critical. Like I said I really like the podcasts and you do an amazing job. This also shows that people play very different decks. Like in here I don’t see those Jinteki decks at all. This may be my fault also because I too easily just play the strong decks and don’t like to experiment so much. Playing too many CCG tournaments have ruined me.

        But back to feedback. I enjoyed the tournament interviews you had in one episode and would like to see more of those. I also like how you do the card reviews by pack and think cards again after playing them. You could do some strategy thinking also, like how to score agendas in early game, how to be aggressive runner during early game and how the corp should play after runner has all icebreakers up. Also some where I want spend influence in some decks are good thinking.

        I would like to see some discussion about decks of the soon finished OCTGN tournament because it is the biggest Netrunner tournament this far. Just what surprises you with those decks and would those decks work against your decks etc.

        But anyways keep up the amazing work, I will surely listen all of your future podcats and thanks for making these. And those rules issues you made are very minor and doesn’t matter at all.

    • All excellent ideas. You’ll hear more of this in the future, as Glen and I are getting tired of cards all the time. I guess we’ll have to do more, because 45 minutes just isn’t cutting it for indepth play.

      Coming soon!

      • I like the idea of having multiple shows with different focuses. The card reviews, though I don’t particularly agree with some of the assessments, have a really great structure, so they should definitely stick around, but having a separate cast for competitive gaming focuses would be delightful.

  7. After many years of playing Magic the Gathering, so taught to being extremely careful about wording in card and board games, and because Netrunner is a Richard Garfield’s creation, I would never thought that Matrix Analyser can use Weyland’s new ID’s recurring credits to advance anything.

    One of standard Corp’s actions – advacing a card – results in placing an advancement token.

    MA’s ability specifically places advancement counters, which is not an act of advancing in itself. It would have to read something like: ‘…pay 1 credit to advance a card, ignoring all costs’, to be an advancement action.

    For me those are clearly two different things, that cannot be simply FAQ’ed because they changed their minds. MA would have to get an errata.
    But I can kind of see how someone can think otherwise.

  8. Where did you guys get that Shapers have money problems? They’ve had the best economy card in the game (Magnum) since the very beginning.

    Also, I’m a little shocked that there were positive comments about Woodcutter. That card may not be as bad as the newer Advanceable ICE, but it’s still pretty awful. I swear I’m not saying this to seem like a dick, so I hope it doesn’t come off that way… but Woodcutter is truly bad.

    1) It needs to be rezzed before you can advance it. You cite Amazon Industrial Zone, but that’s already an iffy card as it is. You have to pay 4 to rez it, which means it won’t pay for itself until you’ve used its ability twice. Not to mention, face-up ICE loses a lot of its edge. I admit, stuff like Woodcutter is one of the few situations where Amazon has a legit use, but even then, you’re using a subpar card to try and make a bad card slightly less bad.

    2) It doesn’t even come with a subroutine! This is probably the most heinous crime of this card. If you don’t use Amazon, which is totally reasonable to expect, you’re installing a piece of ICE, waiting for the runner to encounter it, paying 4 credits, and then getting NOTHING out of it! As the runner, I will LOVE for you to play this, because it is naturally useless. Do you really want to pay for credits for ICE that won’t actually DO anything?

    3) Advanceable ICE is already a tough sell. You can say, “Yeah, sure, this ICE is GREAT… once you get it advanced a few times!” but think of the opportunity cost you’re spending on this thing. Even if you were to use free credits, such as the newest Weyland ID, you’re spending a Click every time you want to advance one of these things. Once you get it to 4 or 5 subs, sure, it’ll be worth its salt… but you spent 4-5 Clicks to get it to that point! And you can’t even do THAT until it’s rezzed! Ice Wall works because it’s useful on its own, and because you can advance it while it’s facedown. Something like Woodcutter… well, it is completely useless until you advance it, and you can’t do that while it’s facedown. It’s a sitting duck.

    4) The 2 strength absolute kills this thing to death, if it wasn’t already a goner. Parasites will dominate this poor thing, and any deck that focuses on fixed strength breakers, namely Mimic, will be able to trounce it. The cost for a Ninja to bypass it will go up the more you advance it, but only by 1 credit for each sub. You’re spending a whole click, each time you advance… I am totally fine with that. Also, heck NO it shouldn’t have been a Code Gate! Are you nuts!? Yog.0 wouldn’t even blink at a 2-strength Code Gate.

    Anyways, I hope you see my points. Again, I’m not trying to be inflammatory, I hope you don’t take it that way. I’m actually just really disappointed in the advaceable ICE. FFG could have done some REALLY cool stuff with it, but I feel like they completely botched the entire design on everything past Ice Wall. If the ID had given you a free click to advance ICE, instead of a credit, I could see a bit of a turn-around, but the fact that most of them don’t let you advance until they’re rezzed (!?), and they eat up your Clicks for a gain that is barely ever worth it… makes me cringe. I don’t know what they were thinking with the design of these things…

    I’ll grant, now that Salvage is out, Woodcutter is no longer the worst piece of advanceable ICE… but still, there are so many better options out there.

  9. Wow Dante – you are a seriously passionate dude re: advancable ICE. Thanks for writing, btw.

    Unfortunately, advancable ICE seems to be Weyland’s schtick. That, and meat damage will be their trademark for a long time to come I think. I’ve had Woodcutter used against me successfully as a money drain – so many subroutines to break can mean 3 or 4 creds a run to get by. Or more. But it’s a slow ICE card to be sure – and in the current fast advance meta, it’s often too slow to be useful. That’s alot of actions to get it up to useful stopping/deterrent functionality.

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