08 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast – Creation & Tournament

Episode 08 of Agenda7 is online!

Glen and I yack about as many cards as we can see in the new Creation and Control deluxe release – due Q3 this year. Then it’s all about the Gryphcon Tournament we played in Guelph a couple of weekends ago now – who we played and what we took.

Anarchs anyone?Podcast 08 includes:
1 – Creation & Control
2 – Gryphcon 2013 Tournament
3 – Acknowledgements and contact

Episode 08 was recorded on Mar.10th, 2013 and is now mirrored on CARDGAMEDB.COM. Thanks to Darksbane and Toqtamish for making that happen.

Agenda7’s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or on our facebook page. Many thanks to Matt Nott for reviewing the show. We hope you like it!

Direct download link: 08 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

Dave’s Gryphcon 2013:  Runner Deck  |  Corporate Deck
Glen’s Gryphcon 2013:  Corporate Deck  |  Runner Deck

25 thoughts on “08 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast – Creation & Tournament

  1. Scavenge can’t possibly be a new identity, because in the top-left-corner you can see it costs 0 credits top play.

    • The guy in the Scavenge artwork is the same guy as the identity coming out. In the same way that Big Brother pictures Chaos Theory. Sorry – should have made that clearer.

      • That is indeed true. There is also another dude on the about page on the website, who should be the third identity.
        I guess one of them is g00ru.

  2. You may be correct about Kit being on one of the displays on Director Haas’ Pet Project, but I don’t think the implication is that Haas-Bioroid made her. Bioroids are entirely synthetic beings, whereas a cyborg is an augmented human. Remember, Gabriel Santiago is also a cyborg.

  3. Hey guys, big fan of the podcast, but I have one complaint. You’re destroying my hearing. During the show , there are so many instances where one of you, who is talking, starts almost whispering and then suddenly -> huge bursts of laughter/yelling. If you re gonna yell/laugh that loud and sudden, pleaaaaseee move away from the mic a bit. I listen to the podcast mostly on my way to work, on headphones, and now I am half deaf :]

    All the best from Belgrade, Serbia.

      • Ha! OK – you’re right of course. I’ll use more compression in editing and level out the highs and lows. Thanks for writing Belgrade McFail!

      • I know I know – I just combined the two. It’s fun to say: Belgrade McFail, Belgrade McFail. Everybody knows where Belgrade is!

        Quick question though – what kind of cards are you using? Are they in EN or Cyrillic or something else?

  4. Thank you for the deck list.

    I look @ net decking as covering a song. It is nice if you can write all your own music. It is also great to sing somebody else’s song.

    I love both building decks & playing other people’s decks. Anyway. Thanks for the Podcast.

    Where is Belgrade again?

  5. Glen I been testing out your Haas-bioroid/Sunset deck. I have played it & been playing against the decks few times. My last game my opening hand was sunset, Janus 1.0 x2 priority requisition & project Vitruvius. Unfortunately that is what I mulliganed. My deck is not an exact duplicate as I do not own 3 copies of precognition yet. I ended up winning the game because I drew into a bunch of ice & my opponent is my 9 year old son.

    I would run +1 accelerated beta test -1 project Vitruvius. Beta test is a mini precognition & can set up for the win. Vitruvius is situational. I have not played many games. Still I have not needed to advance it beyond 3.

    Other considerations: I have mostly been playing & playing against noise. Aggressive Secretary & power grid overload I feel could be good in other match ups. Not so much against my noise deck. These could be switched out for something more consistent. Sunset x2 & Janus 1.0 x2 could be switched out. Sunset just sits in my hand. I have not tested it enough so I am sure there are situations where it could be good. Still if you set up your ice correctly to begin with probably not need to worry about moving them around & using a click. Also if your running 24+ ice you may have more options to set them correctly in the first place. Sunset might be more viable in Jinteki.

    My son laughed hysterically when he forged activation orders on my Janus 1.0. I think running 1 is good for now. Still more testing is needed.

    I am not certain Mandatory Upgrades is needed. Great card. If you pull it off though you were probably going to win anyways. Overkill.

    I have considered running 24 ice. 8 of each type barrier, sentry & code gate. Not sure which ones to add & take away.

    -2 Sunset
    -1 Enigma
    -1 hour glass (not in your build)
    -1 project Vitruvius
    +1 accelerated beta test
    +3 ice (8 of each type=24) not sure which ones to add. 2 sentry, 1 barrier
    +1 precognition (I only have 2. I need to buy sleeves so I can proxy.)

    For now I will keep aggressive secretary & power grid overload. I think something better should take they’re place. If your looking to make room
    In the deck that is where I would go.

    I look forward to testing your shaper deck or is that Belgrade McFail’s?

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