07 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast – Genesis Cards 41-60

Episode 07 of Agenda7 is now online, and we’re talking about Genesis cards 41-60: Cyber Exodus. We don’t discuss every card, but instead do a top 5/4 and cover what we think are the most significant.

Podcast 07 includes:
1 – Top 5/4 cards from Cyber Exodus (cards 41-60)
2 – Play results from Trace Amount (cards 21-40)
3 – HQ cards in hand – Javier Martin’s question
4 – Acknowledgements & contact
5 – ANR Tournament at Gryphcon 2013

Episode 07 was recorded on Feb.24th, 2013 and is now mirrored on CARDGAMEDB.COM. Thanks to Darksbane and Toqtamish for making that happen. First things first – the new hotness of Genesis cards 41-60: Cyber Exodus. Then we get into our experiences with Trace Amount.

Agenda7’s Netrunner Podcast is available on iTunes – if you have the time, please leave an iTunes review if that’s how you subscribe. You can leave a comment here, or on our facebook page. Many thanks to Matt Nott for reviewing the show. We hope you like it!

Direct download link: 07 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast

9 thoughts on “07 Agenda7 Netrunner Podcast – Genesis Cards 41-60

  1. Love the show, keep it up.
    Your analysis is pretty spot on most of the time but I have to disagree on you assessment of Edge of World. I believe that having an ambush that works without having to be advanced is actually a big advantage. It’s a much bigger tell that it’s an ambush if you have to let it sit there after advancing twice because it didn’t get immediately run on, than if you just leave it with no advancement token and bluff an upgrade. Plus brain damage is a huge deal, especially in Jinteki. A runner with 3 brain damage can’t possibly live through a snare or unbroken neural katana, while after a snare they can just draw up to 5 again. I believe the card is very strong.

  2. The hubris of thinking you have anything to do with the Jenteki surge on octgn… how about the fact that new cards came out that we all read at the same time.. and like you thought.. hey lets give Jenteki a try. I like this show, but the arrogance of one of the presenters is a big turn off. Lets not forget the unofficial faq as an prime example. The other host even tried to apologise after in the next episode but the other guy still said it was necessary to release with out any trace of acknowledgement of his total screw up. As I said show is good.. but you need to work on humility it is a real turn off.

    • 1… your talkign about the star wars pod cast that made a uFAQ
      2… Fuck off and die.
      3… This podcast rocks
      4… We need more eps.. bi-weekly at least.

    • Sorry man, but Glen made a sarcastic comment that you took seriously. He wasn’t talking about the world anyway – he was talking about our local meta. It would be equivalent to me saying – “I like this oxygen thing, and now everybody is doing it.”

      Glen and I don’t play on OCTGN, so I have no idea what’s being played there. You’ve got us wrong for sure – doing a podcast doesn’t make us arrogant or experts – we’re just another voice in the internet wilderness. That’s why I don’t do much forum activity – the podcast is my contribution to the conversation.

    • Hi Kenny – feeds.feedburner.com/Agenda7PodcastFeed
      It’s also a link in the main menu over on the left. Go crazy man.

  3. Hi guys, great show! Since there was a tournament at Gryphcon, I was wondering if you know what software they used for the tournament admin? I have some Magic-relevant software that does Swiss pairing, but I’m on the lookout for something where I can input agenda points and the output is match points and prestige points, then it swiss matches on agenda points (or whatever it’s supposed to match on). Know of anything? I checked BGG and found a French excel file, but it has some bugs.

    • Sorry Happy – the Gryphcon tourney was done entirely by hand. I’d say that if your attendance is 16 or less, there’s no need for software.

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